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Similarities between Islamic law and the law of Hammurabi

Islamic VS Hammurabi Law

1- The Code of Hammurabi adopted murder and amputation of organs as punishment for most crimes, and this is what we also see in Islamic legislation, where killing, stoning or amputation of limbs has been made the punishment for most crimes also to this day in Islamic countries,
As for the Law of Moses, it was concerned with disciplining and repenting man and atoning for his sins, whether with the blood of goats and calves or the payment of a ransom.
2- The Code of Hammurabi was masculine in authority, whereby the woman comes as a second degree, and the ruling over her is left in the hands of her father, her brother and her husband, and this is another similarity between the Code of Hammurabi and the Islamic law, which made the male like the share of the two females.She made the testimony of two women equal to one man, and she preferred males in inheritance and other rights.

In the end, we mention an important thing, that any similarity we may find between the laws of Musa and Hammurabi is due to the environment and the time period in which each appeared, as the period between them was only 200-300 years, and they were found in an environment that depends on its requirements on oxen, donkeys and lands.

Mar / 25 / 2019