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The Lord executes righteousness And justice for all
If God be for us, who can be against us?
Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened
Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit
For in him we live, and move, and have our being
Fear not, neither be dismayed
They shall mount up with wings as eagles
Be strong and of a good courage
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you
Let not your heart be troubled, trust in God
The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart
Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth
But be of good cheer; I have overcome the world
Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted
But be of good cheer; I have overcome the world
Judge not, that ye be not judged
Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God
Behold, thus shall the man be blessed Who fears the Lord
I will guide thee with mine eye
I waited patiently for the LORD; and he inclined unto me
Give ear to my words, O LORD, consider my meditation
I will love thee, O LORD, my strength
But I trusted in thee, O LORD: I said, Thou art my God
Forsake me not, O LORD: O my God, be not far from me
Fear not, for I am with thee, and will bless thee
Be Christian

Why should I be a Christian

We know in no uncertain terms that our life on this earth will not be repeated and that we are present on it as a short, temporary journey like a test in order to obtain either eternal life or eternal torment after it. From here comes the pursuit of all human beings for the best way to guarantee them eternal bliss (the kingdom of God), and from this point of view you have to ask yourself some questions that will lead you to the starting point:

1- Do I follow the true God? Or I inherited my religion from my family without deepening and understanding?
Religion that leads to the true God remains for his followers to enjoy love, mercy and humanity, as the Lord Jesus Christ taught us to distinguish the true religion from the false religion that a false prophet brings by saying (Matthew 16: 7 Beware of false prophets from their fruits you know them)

2- How do I know that I am On the right path or am I lost?
From the shape of your life on earth, and if your life is miserable and destroyed, full of failures, sickness and want, then know that you are on the path of Satan because the true Lord God has promised his followers success, healing, victory and strength, and Jesus Christ affirms that by saying in Luke 17:21 because, behold, the kingdom of God Inside of you. The kingdom of God cannot be within you and leave you to suffer humiliation and need.

3- How do I discern the true faith that leads to eternal life?
Who is the representative of this faith, where the representative of our faith is the Lord Jesus Christ who rose from the dead, giving us a promise that he will raise us after death while the prophets of other religions died without even being able to raise themselves from the dead. Who do we believe? Do you believe the living forever and ever? Or do we believe the dead?

How to Become a Christian

1- Believe that you are loved by God
The good news of the Christian faith begins with the recognition that you are loved and accepted by the God who created and sustains the world.

Jesus Christ taught us to call God “Father.” While some people may lack the positive experience of a loving parent, most can imagine what the word “father” can mean at its very best. It suggests one who gives life, supplies love, provides care, protects, guides, watches over, enables growth, and gives freedom. This is what God is like. Even when we do not acknowledge God, God cares for us like a mother who cares for her children.

God knows us intimately and loves us totally.

2- Realize how much you need salvation
The Bible plainly teaches that all human beings have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God, and have no ability to save themselves from the consequences of their sins. We see this truth in the realization that human failures, our wrong choices, and stubborn self-will leave us guilty and powerless, and that habits can easily become addictions that are almost impossible to break. Not only that, but human sin affects our whole society, creating a world full of injustice, greed, oppression, pornography, pollution, and violence.

Despite this sinfulness, God did not stop loving us or desiring fellowship with us.

As strange as this may seem to us, John 3:16 tells us that “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.” Through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, we gain the right to become daughters and sons of God and receive the sure hope that this new life will continue beyond death, bringing us into heaven. That’s the good news of the Christian faith!

3- Confess your sins
It’s not enough to admit that you have sinned. You must regret those sins, and then turn away from them.

The New Testament uses several words to describe a genuine response to the gospel message. The first word is “repentance,” which in the original Greek literally means “turn around” or “change of mind.” We are told it is a crucial part of responding to the good news of God’s grace.

When you hear the word “repentance,” you may think immediately of feeling or being sorry. Being sorry is appropriate, but it’s not the main sense of the word “repentance” at all. To repent is to “turn around,” that is, to change the direction of your life. More than just a change in your emotions, repentance involves a change in your thinking and in your actions.

Your will and your behavior will also change. True repentance means that you want to please God rather than yourself. You come to love what is good, not what is bad. You experience a life directed outwardly to connect with others, rather than inwardly focused on yourself.

4- Commit your life to Christ
Faith is another key word the New Testament uses to describe a genuine response to the good news. Accept what God has done by faith and receive salvation as a gift. And in response, commit your life to following Christ, and enter into a relationship with him through prayer, Bible reading, and worship.

We come to know and love God more through the Holy Spirit, who enters our hearts when we commit our lives to Christ. Once we have committed our lives to Christ, the Holy Spirit continues to live and work within us to mold us into daughters and sons of God. “When the Spirit of truth comes,” said Jesus in John 16:13–14, “he will guide you into all the truth…he will take what is mine and declare it to you.”

It is not important how we come to Christ, but that we come.

5-baptized  in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
You will not become a Christian if you do not fulfill the condition of salvation (Mark 16:16). By this you realize that by faith and baptism together you will become a Christian and be called the Son of God.

 6- Receive the gift of filiation
A Christian is the only person on earth in which the Holy Spirit (the Spirit of God) dwells. Since there was no prophet or religion who was able to promise his followers the gift of the Holy Spirit except the Lord Jesus Christ, after baptism you will receive the gift of God to you as a son / A daughter of him, the Holy Spirit will dwell in you, who will undertake the task of introducing you to your Heavenly Father gradually according to your faith and what you may endure, and he will continue to work within us to be truly daughters and sons of God and to realize the depth of God. Jesus said in John 16: 13-14, “As for when that spirit of truth comes, he will guide you to all truth,… He glorifies me because he takes from what I have and tells you.

7 – Live a life of gratitude to God.
Christian living involves a transformation of our whole lives out of gratitude to God. In Reformed churches, obedience to the law of God in the Ten Commandments is seen as an opportunity to express thanks to God for what God has done. This obedience is not seen as a means of winning approval, but of showing love and appreciation to God. Jesus taught his disciples, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments” (John 14:15).

This understanding of life as gratitude has two important consequences.

First, it frees us from continual concern about our performance. We do not need to keep asking “Am I good enough?” because our purpose is simply to let our lives express our joy and gratitude. Second, all of life is now seen as an opportunity to serve God.
Second, our lives are transformed from servants of our desires and our selves into children of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and thus we rejoice, mature and bear fruit, and through.

One way Christians display gratitude is by worshiping God. We also express our gratitude through the way we treat our family members, perform our jobs, use our leisure time, vote, participate in community action, interact with neighbors, spend money, and bear witness to our faith.

We say thanks to God through all our efforts to share his love and compassion with the world. We say thanks in our efforts to invite people to church, work for justice, provide hospitality, tutor a child, welcome a newcomer, or volunteer abroad or in our own community.

As Christians, we show our love for God by the way we relate to others. “Beloved, since God loved us so much, we also ought to love one another” (1 John 4:11); “let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth.” (1 John 3:18).
  In short and in some other way, we should put on Christ.     

    are you ready ?

After you are certain that Christ is the way, the truth, and the life, and that there is no salvation except through Him, and that there is no heavenly kingdom, you will attain it if you do not follow the Lord of the kingdom and the Judge to whom everything has been paid by the Father, you must begin your first actual steps in becoming a Christian:

1- Read The Bible has its two covenants starting with the Bible (the New Testament) and ending with the Old Testament.

2- Ask to be a student of a Bible teacher.

3- After discipleship comes baptism, where your spiritual guide will secure for you a priest or priest who will baptize you.

Ask for help from Bible teacher Maggie Khozam as she will guide your steps and personally manage your discipleship 

Convert's Stories

Converts of Syria

converts-doha-her-family-العابرة-للمسيحية-ضحى-وعائلتها– I am from a Sunni mother and an Alawite father, something inside me always told me that there is something wrong with two religions. I always used to wonder, since God determines our destiny, and if he wrote it in advance, why would he want to judge us? And many other questions and I used to love Christians a lot, and I always used to say, Lord, why did you not let me born as a Christian? till the day, I received a video of Madam Maggie Khozam, and from the first time there is something that attracted me to her words as if I was searching for a thousand questions and I met all answers there, and I watched the first video, and it changed all my beliefs of the difference between Jesus and Issa. In that period I was pregnant and I got a daughter like an angel, but I became lazy, I watch videos and then say I don’t have time. After that, I start believing in stories of incense and start believing in the virgin Mary prayers. Until the day, the slap was followed by my awaking. This little girl that I devoted my whole life to her, and she was the whole world for me, suddenly and within 4 hours she dies, how and why? I don’t know she evaporated from between my hands. after her death in few days I reached the point of craziness. I saw in a vision that my daughter was in my hands and she was alive and I was saying the name of Lord Jesus and telling him “thank you, Jesus, that you are the only one that beat death and was raised from death, and you raise my daughter from the dead after three days, because you are the miracle” after this story in 3 days, Madam Maggie posted a post that if someone like to become a Christian and get discipleship. so here I was sure that Lord Jesus God of all glory discussed my name on his palm and he wants me. I contacted Maggie Khozam, and she added me to the discipleship groups, then I get baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thanks to the Lord, salvation was for me and my whole family through the faithful saint on the word of the Lord Mama Maggie, and I, my husband, and my 2 children got baptized, now I’m pregnant and I’m waiting for a month, till our Lord compensated me with a newborn child. I decided to name him Matthews (the gift of God).

converts-Nour-elddeen-from-syria-العابر-نور-الدين-للمسيحية– Nour Elddeen from Syria
For years and years, I used to kneel and pray and prostrate to the God of Islam and ask for Muhammad’s intercession and I was from bad to worse. Years of praying and asking to heal but there was no respondent, till I reached to say that this God that I am praying to is enjoying torturing me, and he doesn’t want me to be good and heal, and because of that I will not pray, and I will no longer believe in him. I stopped praying and asking him and I went to the path of atheism, and my condition became worse, and I start having suicidal thoughts, and that my life had no taste anymore, and because I was very oppressed and tormented, I said in my heart: “O Lord, if you really exist, show me yourself so I can believe in you, and if you do not exist, I will not believe in you”. I start searching pages for atheists, and the contradictions in the Quran, and all these things. So, a question occurred to me that changed my whole life, the question was: “Why do Islam and Christianity differ over the crucifixion of Christ, and why are they differ that they say about him the Son of God. Because I had doubts in everything, I said I would not judge before I see the Christian point of view and their beliefs, and my whole life I didn’t know anything about the Holy Bible, except that it’s distorted as Islam used to lie to us, till a time by chance, and it wasn’t a coincidence, it was the answer to my question about “Who Christ is” in a video for our Mother Maggie, the video name was “the difference between Jesus and Issa, and who is the Virgin Mary in the Quran. The title attracted me, and I listened to the full video, I was shocked by the information, and I said: “Indeed, her words are logical, and the answers are logical, and her speech wasn’t absurd”. At the end of the video, she put up a challenge and said: “Try to ask in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and your request will be answered”. So, I said in my heart that I will try, I will not lose anything, and I asked in my heart on that day, and I said: “Lord, if you are really the true God, show me yourself or give me a sign in the name of the Lord Jesus, I ask you”. At this moment, I started crying and something inside me felt like fire, but I didn’t know what it means, after that, I felt great joy, I became more pining to know about Christ, and I watched all our Mother Maggie’s lives and videos. After three months, my love and attachment to the Lord Jesus increased, and I start commenting on all our Mother Maggie’s videos, and I wrote: “I’m a convert to Christ and I believed in the Lord Jesus. I want to get discipleship and I was pining that I am ready to leave everything for knowing him more, and my joy couldn’t be described when she contacted me privately and she asked me: “Why do you want to become Christian?”. I told her about my faith and how I believed, and she asked me to disciple me and be baptized because I believed in the Lord Jesus. I accepted and I got discipleship on her hands, after that, I get baptized. Thanks, and glory to our holy God, and then I joined the Lord’s church, I prayed, and I asked to be cured of my illness that was tormented me and let me become an atheist. And thanks to our Lord and our living God who healed me, and I no longer felt pain, and he treated me and rescued me from the grip of the devil, who was taking me to perish, and making me think of committing suicide because of depression.
If I kept thanking God for his work in my life me the unworthy, I wouldn’t give him his full credits.
Glory and honor to our holy God Jesus Christ, who redeemed us with his pure blood on the cross and rose from the dead, and he is alive forever, and we are waiting for his second coming, Amen.

converts-nael-syria-العابر-للمسيحية-نائل– From a Druze “Muslim” person, his life is getting destroyed more every new day, because of inherited curses, and he has approached atheism because of questions about the life of which there are no right answers about it in his religion. To Nael the son of God who does not disappoint his children.
In short, one day I was so tired of my life and research and I said (Oh Lord, I know that you exist, but I don’t know how I want to reach you, please show me your way to reach you) I thank our Lord, who began to deal with me through our mother Maggie Khozam, and through her, I knew the truth and the truth freed me and I get to salvation, In the name of the true Lord Jesus Christ.

converts-sana-syria-العابرة-للمسيحية-سناء– I’m transiting from an Alawite background to the light of Christ. I decided to pass after signs that I got from our Lord, and I will start talking about them, since I was a kid because of women suppression in my religion and that she doesn’t know anything because she is deficient in mind and religion.
In the beginning, when we were still kids, and they used to tell us that God would burn us with fire, I started to love God because I was afraid of him, but every time I start thinking that God was an evil person, and when I grew more conscious and older I became more afraid from him without thinking. When I was 15 years old (at the end of our house there was a cemetery of the Evangelical domination) I saw a dream that the cemetery is a farm of our Lord Jesus, and he kept me to guard it and I was so hungry and the farm was full of trees that hold all kinds of fruits but I didn’t eat from them because he let me guard it and I said that when I saw him I will tell him to feed me. And when he came he let me sit in a treehouse between two banana trees, and he feeds me cheese, bread, and cucumber, and he covered me with his dress. I was happy a lot and the dream was always in my mind and I didn’t talk to anyone about it, and as I grew up every year, my love for our Lord Jesus increase more, and my hate for the Islamic God increase as well, that God that burns and pour lead in the ear, and the one that hangs us from our tongues and burns us in hell and every time we die he will burn us again. I was like that until one of God’s daughter Maggie Khozam, appeared in my face on youtube and I watched the first video of her, which she was talking about God in a way that intervenes in the heart and makes you love because He loves us and he cares about us and stands with us and we are not afraid of anything with him. After that I got discipleship on her hands and I got baptized, and I became a daughter to God and she gave me a big favor that she got me closer to our Lord.

converts-ammar-syria-العابر-للمسيحية-عمار-سوريا– I have been a Muslim for a long time in my life, and Islam did not help me except that I was close-minded for a big-time, then I got sick and became helpless, and I was still in my twenties. till I got to know the Lord Jesus, I prayed, and I was very tired and in desperate need of recovery. and he came to me and told me you are my son come so I can cure you, and I got cured after that.
And from that day and my life is for Christ, and I got baptized a few days ago but I was three years in faith. I like to say to everyone, Muslims or not, that God delivers you from the hand of the evil one and grants you salvation because only in Christ you will be saved. “And the people, when they knew it, followed him: and he received them, and speak unto them of the kingdom of God, and healed them that had need of healing. Thanks God and Thanks Maggie Khozam

converts-dalida-waheeb-syria-عابرين-للمسيحة-داليدا-ووهيب– I am a doctor from an atheist family who has been hereditary into atheism for many years
It has always been researching and the question present in our life
The curses inherited from our ancestors and life’s blows were always felt increasingly
After long comparisons between the Christian faith and other religions, and their reflection on the nature of family life
And after many attempts to understand the truth, we reached a place where we need the Lord desperately
We asked the Lord, and He answered, He gave us with His Word all the answers to the questions that were our cause for atheism
He stood with us under all circumstances and is still. He created new people supported by him
We moved in every sense of the word from darkness to light .. and we got baptized me and my husband and we became Christians.
Glory be to our Heavenly Father

converts-taghreed-syria-عابرة-للمسيحية-تغريد– I used to have the same dream a lot. That I see myself in the presence of my Father Jesus. In the last dream, I was kneeling in front of him with his hand on my head. I prayed and I said if you are inviting me to you, guide me and make my way to you, and after a month I found the way and I continued to my baptism and I will always continue in his will till death. It is difficult to tell about his work in my life in a few sentences and to thank him in few words, the important thing is that he knows that I am with him walking on the water and I always pray to him asking him not to be from the little in faith, me who dwell in the concealment of the Highest, let your will be, Lord

converts-tamam-syria-عابر-للمسيحية-تمام– My name was Tamam Zahreddine, from the Druze religion
For more than 8 years, I have been asking questions (strange to religions) about why there are multiple religions.
But thanks to our Lord, I knew that religions are a big lie, and the name of God is not Allah, and the relationship with the Lord God is not a religion or ritual, and the Bible is the only book that answered all my questions
And one of the questions was about Adam is not the first human being on earth.
one of the miracles that God did in my life, is that I asked him in the name of the Lord Jesus, and God answered:
After smoking incessantly for 10 years, I got rid of smoking only in one day without even having to suffer
I thank our Lord for everything he had done in me, my life and what he is doing now and what he will also do, and I thank my Lord for the good people who used them for his glory, and I thank our Lord for everything that Our compassionate mother Maggie is doing for us

converts-lilian-syria-عابرة-للمسيحية-ليليان– My story with the Lord: After I denied all the brutality that is in the Muslims book, I wished that there was a loving God, tender, generous, fair, in whom there is peace. While searching with reason and logic, my Lord, God, and Savior Jesus found me, He found me, he found me with the Holy Spirit from the episodes of Maggie Khozam, I realized that there is a loving God and he is (a father). All my dreams about this God were fulfilled and exceeded my expectations. I no longer care about my family, my siblings, my life, money, the outside look, I just care about Jesus, he is the first, last, and the only love, I got baptized on his name and I gained joy and eternal life.

converts-ali-syria-العابر-للمسيحية-علي-سوريا– Ali from Syria / Tartous
Like anyone, I was born and received a religion. I used to see my family going to shrines, doing feasts and good deeds, but our house had no peace, and I had a skin disease. I used to vow and visit shrines and ask (Ali) to heal me, but he didn’t hear because Satan loves to torture his followers. I used to get happy when I hear that people were dying in accidents, diseases, or getting divorced. I loved these things and I say: “not me alone should be tortured” and I used to blaspheme on the lord a lot.
For the time I knelt and cried and asked for guidance, so he dealt with me using dreams, and while I was searching for an explanation of these dreams, I saw on Google our Mother Maggie Khozam, I start following her and read the Holy Bible till I found the Lord. Thanks to the Lord, I got baptized and I was healed from my disease, all for the glory and honor to the Lord Jesus.

converts-elijah-syria-عابر-للمسيحية-إيليا– I was a Muslim from a very strict family of the religion of Islam, all of it is murder and violence, and there was no room for repentance or forgiveness of sins. My father used to teach us Islam with the words of Muhammad on me and my seven siblings. My father used to beat us very severely to the point of death for prayer and adherence to the religion, in general, he used to take me to a sheikh to teach me the Qur’an I used to ran away and he hit me and locked me up, once I was also carrying the Qur’an and it fell on the ground without my intent. Then he hit me with a harsh stick on my head, and I stayed dizzy for 3 hours, this was a part of my childhood.
After all this abuse, I escaped from my father and came to Turkey when I was 15 years old and lived alone and I grew up with hate towards my father, After I grew up and became aware, I felt I had to go back to my Lord and ask him to be with me and change my life. So I went to my dad and I told him this is happening to me, so he told me to read the Quran and pray but I didn’t felt anything and I didn’t felt that I was with my God so I start to search for a true God and I used to meet Christian people on the internet or when I sit with the boys they talk about a Christian neighbor that did something good to them, and from the conversation, about Christians, I saw the love, trust, and humbleness, so I started to search for that loving God, and I found him and I believed in him as a lord and savior so I can have the eternal life, I got discipleship and then baptized.

converts-nour-syria-عابر-للمسيحية-نور– I was a Muslim deeply rooted in the religion of Islam, but I was not convinced in it because I am a logical person, and the Islamic religion needs someone to believe in it without logic and a thousand interrogative signs, and if you ask they make you a disbeliever, in this religion, there is no love or hope, I saw that the Muslim God is a tyrant and I decided not to worship him at all.
A year ago, I had a Christian friend I asked her about “Issa”, but she said his name is Jesus, and I asked her: Why he was crucified and didn’t save himself, so she sent me an episode for Maggie Khozam. The episode provoked me how she said, “False prophets will come after me, especially the words: ((The servant in his whole life will not understand what it means to be a son of God))
I separated from the whole world for 3 months, with no sleep for more than two hours, and I start watching a video then go to another. because I want to reply and prove the opposite of Maggie’s words. till I saw an episode about the curse that restricts man and the inherited curses. Here was the slap and trauma. “Our Lord, is not unjust and all this from our hands, but who is God? so I decided to enter the discipleship to understand more who is Jesus, and I start asking for a sign: “God did you accept me?” …till I heard his voice saying to me “no one enters the kingdom of God except the poor in spirit, and the pure in heart, my daughter pure your heart” With confidence, love, and joy, I asked to be baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. and die and live with the lord. And born again and dress in Christ, and live as a daughter for God, not as a slave that does not know her fate. I thank our Lord for my spiritual mother Maggie, and our Lord increases the harvest and saves souls in the name of Jesus.

converts-fayez-syria-عابر-للمسيحية-فايز– I was always depressed and lost hope as if I was serving a dead God, I ask without replying, he never heard my voice, and in my whole life, I felt that something is changing. I had many interrogative questions, but the Islamic religion is forbidden to ask, think, and if you asked the answer always will be that wisdom is from him and he wants that and this is his will, and it’s forbidden to ask or think because this is disbelief and haram.
For one day, there was someone I know who left Islam and was getting discipleship at Madame Maggie and to learn more about Christ, so I began to ask, search, and follow Madame Maggie, and I entered the website and I start reading the Bible. And I began to hear about the Lord Jesus, I felt a lot of sweet things, I felt joy, I felt things I could not describe, I asked to get discipleship so I can learn more about the reason for this peace, and after a while, I felt that now is the time to get baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and to die and be born again with the Lord Jesus Christ.

converts-samar-syria-عابرة-للمسيحية-سمر– I am from a Druze background. I got married, traveled, and lived in Venezuela. I was always afraid of the God who would burn us and torture us for any sin we do. I was also afraid to raise my kids on the beliefs that God burn you and reincarnation. after the war in Syria I felt that there was no existence of God, and if he existed, he would not allow that to happen to people unless he is a God who kills and he loves to torture us, and this is hell in which he promised. I used to follow a lot of politics, so once by chance, I saw a post by Madam Maggie Khozam, and she was talking about politics, so I entered her page because I liked her courage and I start to watch her videos, and I start to be convinced from her words because it was reasonable, logic and true, without myths or beliefs based on adherence and lack of understanding like the followers of other religions. I stayed with her till I saw the video about baptism’s importance, and here I felt that this video poured into my heart love, faith, and adoration for the Lord Jesus Christ, and I did not want anything in this world except him. And I thank our Lord, that my husband and my children also believed, and we got baptized in Jesus name and my whole life has completely changed and he worked miracles in my life. Till now I still feel his love and his tenderness, and that he loves me every second and I will stay with him till the end.

converts-alissar-syria-عابرة-للمسيحية-أليسار– I was raised in a religiously moderate family, I know that there is a god, but I don’t go to him. I reached a point where I needed our Lord and I went to a mosque. I prayed for him to help me with my training ..and because I went to the wrong god, after the prayer I had an injury that led me to permanent harm and prevented me from exercising. This thing made me an atheist and I was completely convinced that there is no God and I start to have blasphemy on God….Three years pass, and I saw a video for madam Maggie Khozam and she was explaining how Jesus was the incarnated God, and I was shocked when I understood and knew how much our Lord loved me, that he gave his son for me the sinner that was doing blasphemy on him for years I knelt and prayed, I said: “Oh, Lord, show me yourself, and from that day I believed that our Lord is a living and effective God because he was speaking with me through the Bible and explaining to me and guiding me, and every time I pray again he opens my eyes and I understand more things in the Bible…He invited me to the wedding, and I got baptized and I promised him that I will be wise and I’m praying that he will prepare me for service and to bring my family fruits with me.

converts-daniel-syriaعابر-للمسيحية-دانيال– Daniel from Syria / formerly Ahmed
I was a former Sunni Muslim and I had a curiosity and eagerness for the Christian faith, and every question I asked in the Islamic religion, I receive no answer because they thought that my thoughts will distract me. until one day I no longer believed in the logic of the Islamic religion, and during that period I had a curiosity about Christianity, but I did not know anything about it … until I asked God to show me the truth, because I don’t want to become an atheist. so, I saw Christ in my dream and he said:” follow me”, so I started to read and compare between Islam and Christianity, a difference with me from the foundation of the universe until the end, so God opened my eyes and he lights my mind and my heart also I saw Christ in more dreams, and once I dreamt of Virgin Mary and all this thing happened 4 years ago, and stories happened and my family felt something. so I tried to handle the situation and I denied that there is anything. For one day, I saw the first video of Maggie Khozam about the editions of the Bible, and the eagerness that has righteousness and logic influenced me. And I watched all videos and completed them, and I will complete till the end with you mother and we will serve together to preach in the name of the Lord Jesus till the end…Like this, I believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and yesterday was my baptism and this feeling of baptism I did not have it in my whole life, and our Lord proves me till the end.

converts-georgette-syria-عابرة-للمسيحية-جورجيت– From an Islamic (Shiite) background, from my childhood, I loved Christ and Christians when I grew up my suffering in life starts with my separate family, father in a place, and a mother in another place, and my studies. I was tired a lot, and I had official exams, and I start to seek help from Hussain and Zahraa. I did the exams and I failed, after that, I start doubting my religion, and I start to search till I saw a video for madam Maggie, I searched in her words and everything she said was right. after a year, I gave my life to the Lord. I asked him for help and thanks to God I succeeded, and then I got discipleship with Madam Maggie, and I got baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.

converts-nisreen-syria-عابرة-للمسيحية-نسرين– Nisreen from Syria
I am 26 years old, I was a Sunni Muslim, I believed in Christ a year ago and I got baptized on 9/6/2021. It was the best day I lived in my whole life. Shortly, since I was a kid, I had great love towards Christ, a love implanted in my heart, I don’t know why, although I was a Muslim, I loved Jesus more than the prophet of Islam “Muhammad, but I was afraid to talk about it. Of course, I loved to understand the Christian faith. The first time in my life I was strong and I asked my Christian friend to borrow me her bible, and she gave it to me. I read it and I was very happy, I was living daydreams and I hope to become a Christian, but all that was only emotions, till I knew that Christians worship 3 Gods I was shocked, I wanted to understand but sadly there was no one to explain for me. I start listening to Muslim Sheikhs .but unfortunately, I was convinced that Christianity is false, but the love of Christ in my heart was not over, and it didn’t become less, and I kept loving him more than Muhammad and I was surprised by my condition. I got married and I adhered to religion, I start wearing the hijab, praying every day, and reading the Quran, and fast in Ramadan. I hear verses from the Quran that shock me. I hear Muslim Sheikhs, they even let me hate religion but I remain silent, and I fear non-Muslims from hell. Until I heard a video for an ex-Muslim guy that disbelieved in Islam, after the video I felt that it was a slap for me to start searching for the truth, and stop believing in stuff without understanding. I opened the Quran, I start reading without sanctity, I began to cry every day and pray and tell God:” Lord, who are you, I know that you exist, hear me. I don’t want houses, money, or earthly life. I just want to know who you are, how can I follow you, If you are the God of Muhammad give me signs, and if you are a different god give me a way to get to know you. I was tired from searching, and there were no Sheikh to guide me to you.”. The next day, I opened youtube as usual to search for the truth, about an Islamic story or about why Jesus is Lord, etc… so I found a video for mother Maggie, talking with a Muslim about why Christians consider Christ a God. And the answer was from the Quran. I was attracted by the way of explanation, and I entered her channel on YouTube. I heard a video for her saying that, “Non-Christians are allowed to try the lord to know him. Try him in something that doesn’t work with you, and say:” if you are the Lord God, the father of Jesus Christ, I want this”.
I did the same thing as she said, after asking the God of the Quran for two years without any result. I finally asked in the name of Jesus, and in less than a month, the hard thing became easy, and everything I want I start asking in the name of Jesus, and it always happens. And I discovered that Jesus is a living Lord, and lord for today and forever. I contacted sister Cedra, she helped me and explained to me many things. through her I reached our mother Maggie, I got discipleship from her, and I the undeserved get baptized in the name of the father, son, and the holy spirit, and I pray every day to take my family with me for salvation.

converts-amal-syria-عابرة-للمسيحية-أمل– Amal from Syria
I’m from an Islamic background. I used to hate the Islamic rules and the oppression of women in our Islamic society. I was always so afraid when I listen to the Quran. I began to search more, to find interpretations for the Quran that are merciful, because I was upset with all my heart when I hear the Friday sermon praying for non-muslims to be killed, but unfortunately, there was nothing to comfort me. I always asked God to guide me on the right path because I was very afraid of the grave torture according to what is mentioned in the Quran. According to Islam, there is no guarantee for heaven.
I start watching people’s testimonies that were from other religious backgrounds and they accepted Christ. I watched a movie about Christ, and then I became passionate about reading the Bible. I reached an Arabic church and was able to get a copy of the bible. And when I started to read I felt as if I was eating honey because of the sweetness and the splendor of the God’s word. I surrendered my life to Christ because He is the way, the truth, and the life, and those who believe in Christ guarantee eternal life and the kingdom of Heaven.
Great and humble is God because he asks us to accept him, we the undeserving, and above this, we have sin forgiveness for free. The love of Christ filled my heart. I used to hear the words of the Lord Jesus every day more than once without getting bored. I went from darkness to light and he changed me for the better. I had peace, joy, and grace. Lord Jesus worked with me in a personal way. Many times I fall into hardships, but he didn’t leave me, when I pray I found the answer because he is a living God and he hears and feels us, and when we ask he answer. Of course, there are many details and stories about God’s dealings with me. The Christian faith is a direct relationship with God, a child-to-father relationship. I tried to find some churches to get baptized in, but sadly there was no response. Till I prayed to our Lord to help me, and I got the answer because Madame Maggie is the only one that didn’t hesitate, welcomed me, discipleship me, and arranged for my baptism. Thank our God. we were saved two days ago, my daughters and I were baptized, and we became children of God, by the grace of God, thanks to our Mother Maggie’s hard work with us. I hope that no one is deprived of this blessing. I hope that everyone who reads my story will read the Bible impartially and search until he earns eternal life. Do not waste time, search and ask the Lord to light your path. May God bless your life in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. Thank you, Mother Maggie, for your work with us.

converts-omaya-and-her-family-syria-عابرة-للمسيحية-أميمة-وعائلتها– Omaya and her family from Syria
I belonged to the Druze religion, I am unworthy, the Lord knew that I love him and he knew that from the inside my soul was searching on the way to salvation, but I did not know that it was Christ and the Christian religion, Although my thoughts about this religion that it was all nonsense (sorry for saying this). But like this, I was thinking and I was saying: “what does it mean that he died 3 days and then rose again. There was no development in medicine, maybe he got a coma, and passed out from pain ”. Until I got a message from the lord through a dream that came to my daughter, I start searching the internet, I want to know who christ and Christianity are. The first video appeared to me and it is impossible to forget because the feeling at this time is difficult to describe, the video was about the keys for blessings with Maggie Khozam. I start to dive deeper into that sea of knowledge with faith every day more than the day before it from the episodes of God’s commandments, to the episodes of problems and diseases, curses, envy, etc…
I asked to join discipleship with faith that He is the way and salvation and thanks to the Lord I got the discipleship and was ready to get baptized, I asked the lord that I and all my family be saved, although my husband was impossible to accept. But to the lord, there is nothing impossible, because he is the Kidney and heart examiner, and the baptism was done, and thanks to the Lord for healing my husband’s eyes, because he used to have weak eyesight, and now he can see normally like before. Glory all the glory to God Hallelujah.

converts-hussein-syria-عابر-للمسيحية-حسين– Hussein from Syria,
This is how my story with Lord Jesus began, despite my birth in an Alawite family that considers Ali as their God and that sanctifies stone graves for “sheikhs” that are called “Awliaa”. Until I repeatedly called the Lord whom I did not know, crying asking Him to hear my cry and guide me to the right path and guide me to Him. I’m the stranger, I called upon the Lord and he heard my cry, although he sent me many signs to reach him, I was ignorant of them, but because the Lord loved me, he did not abandon me and sent me his strongest sign in this age and time, a sign from an angel that he sent on this earth to complete what the apostles started and what the Lord Jesus commanded them to go to all nations and baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. She accepted Jesus commandment and started talking and teaching people about lord Jesus, so imagine that from the first video I watched for her, I felt the energy of the spirit inside her, and I said to myself: “o lord is that the sign”, so the evil entered me in a temptation to distance me from her, but my heart and my desire for the Lord made him assure me that this is his sign and that he is The Lord Jesus and that Maggie Khozam is a saint that calls in his name, and the spirit I felt inside her is the Holy Spirit. My journey began crying with joy at the knowledge of the Lord, the compassionate Father, who sent his Son to be crucified and rise alive after 3 days, erasing all human sins. Today was the most beautiful stage of my journey because I get baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, and I will continue my journey with the Lord to the end and dedicate my life to Him. Instead of Hussein, my name became Fadi.

converts-ghassan-syria-عابر-للمسيحية-غسان– Ghassan from Syria,
I am a converter to the light of the Lord Jesus Christ. I was deeply atheist from a Muslim family, and I had many ideas and questions about God. I did not find an explanation for them in Islam and the Quran, and after my life became very difficult in all ways, my mother believed in Christ and was baptized, so I said that I need to know other religions, so I can find answers to my questions, and I start reading the Bible and I start to find answers, and my mother was also explaining to me. Then, my life became better, and God worked with me in miraculous ways. I understood that Christianity is the true religion, so I contacted Mother Maggie, and the people in the lord church was so helpful in my discipleship and they stayed with me till I got baptized and earned the Holy Spirit and salvation in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ to be the master of my life and my only Savior.

converts-abed-al-rahman-syria-عابر-للمسيحية-عبد-الرحمن– Abed Al Rahman from Syria,
I am like every other human being I get born in a family that has a certain religion or sect, but I am one of the people who did not take the religion out of conviction, but it was a transmission from the parents and fear of God’s punishment. From the beginning of my childhood, I had tendencies to the Lord Jesus Christ, and I believed that he was the Son of God and that he was crucified, despite the confusion that exists in Arab societies about Christ. I loved Christ from the beginning of my childhood, and I wished to be a Christian, but because of the fear of society and the family, I was unable to talk, but today I am a new person with Jesus Christ till the end, and I deleted my old name and my name became Stephen.

converts-rafah-syria-عابرة-للمسيحية-رفاه– Rafah from Syria
When I was young, I always asked my father who God is and how he created us, and he always answered me in a convincing way that my mind accept but when I grew up, my questions increased a lot, especially that I am from an “Alawite” father and a “Morshedi” mother, but I was unable to believe anyone and I start to say: “why the Lord every time sends new people and he changes his prayers and his rulings, and why the prayers esoteric. Why is there no clear and explicit law?”
I disbelieved in everything and went to atheism, till God show me the way and I start to understand the truth from Mother Maggie’s videos and God answered my whole questions through her. Also, that the Lord is clear and frank and he does not change his words as if he is telling me that “I am the true Lord” and not just like this he also is our heavenly father. At this moment I kneeled to him and cried heartily and told him everything in my heart and our Lord start to work with me and he cured me of nervous illness and stress situations. I was taking many sedatives because of the bad condition I reached, but thanks to our Lord, my whole life changed, and I felt the true God, the Lord Jesus Christ, who redeemed us and saved us with his blood. I give him my whole life and thank him that he restored me with an iron fist. All the glory to our God, my Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ.

converts-mohran-syria-عابر-للمسيحية-مهران– Mohran from Syria,
I grew up in the Druze religion, and I was a sheikh, I read deeply into my religious books, but I wasn’t convinced because I didn’t find the qualities of the God that I adore. I went back and I took religious lessons about “Sunni” with Sheikh Abdul Qadir and I saw a lot of disbelief and upside-down concepts, So I studied about “Shiaa”, and I lived satanic hatred, so I reached that there is no right religion, and all religions are wrong. At this time, I used to dream every while that I would see Christians coming to take me to a big and beautiful place.
Once I saw someone in my dream on the cross, and after a while, by chance, I was watching YouTube, and I saw a video about our mother Maggie. I loved the way she taught, and I start following her. Till the day she spoke something about the Druze, and I felt nervous, and I angrily replied to her, then I slept. And after I slept, I saw in my dream the same person on the cross, he wakes me up and I saw our mother Maggie, and he told me: “My daughter is the path of salvation”. I start to follow her, and I knew that Jesus was calling me, and I Liked to become a Christian. Also, once I fought with men who were disrespecting Christians, so they hit me with 3 knives, one of the knives was fatal in my back, I fell on the ground, and my lungs split, so I said: “Lord, I died for you” and when I was on the floor, I saw the world turned white in my face, and I saw someone grabbed my hand, and he stood me and he told me: “you are alive”. Then I woke up and I found those who beat me running, so I aid myself to Al-Radii Hospital, and they performed an operation on me, and the doctor told me: “Your God loves you. Your lungs are full of blood, you must be dead.”
And here my faith in my Lord Jesus Christ became absolute, and I knew that there is a religion, a Lord, and a holy bible, and today I was baptized, and glory is to our Lord Jesus, the Savior of nations and the Redeemer of mankind, Amen.

converts-reem-syria-عابرة-للمسيحية-ريم– Reem from Syria
I was 30 years from 3 years ago when I realized that my life had to take another path. And I made sure that My feelings all my life were in the wrong place. Christ entered my heart, and he took it all. I spent two years searching and asking for someone to help me and hold my hand and teach me when I enter the wrong way, so I don’t lose the rest of my life as I lost the first half. I asked my Lord to help me, and he did.
A video of our mother Maggie Khozam, pop out on my Facebook without any introductions, I watched it and I became addicted for hours listening to her and read the bible. Until I got the courage and send her a message, and from that moment she never left me. I thank God every moment for choosing me. He chose me, and he heard my request and my hope, and he never left me or abandoned me, and he let me reach our mother Maggie so, she can guide me more to the right path. Everything in my life had changed, and my soul get happy back as if I was born again. I thank our Lord and our mother Maggie, and all the men and women who are with us in the group, and the priest who baptized me, I also pray from all my heart that God stands with every lost person to bring him back on the right way, and to save them as he saved me. Now I can say about myself that I’m alive and that the light entered my heart from the moment I said to Christ, “Thy will be done”.

converts-shady-syria-عابر-للمسيحية-شادي– Shady from Syria
I grew up in a strict Islamic environment and from a young age, I was afraid to think and crying without knowing who to talk about what is inside me. I grew up, and the confusion kept accompanying me at the age of 30 until the problem was getting bigger, and I became suspicious and start to search a lot. I heard stories about revelations and the “Israa and meraaj” that generations are building based on it, and it was just an Astral projection without any proof.
Till a day from all that thinking, I fell asleep, and I know that I never woke up and remembered a dream I had.
Only this time I saw a dream, and I saw someone was carrying me and flying and asking me to carry a stone from far away to build a church, and I was telling him that I am very weak, and I can’t hold that much, and I was crying and he was encouraging me and telling me that I can, he was taking me far away to carry a stone and come back with him to build a very huge church.
I woke up, and after this dream that I won’t forget till now, and it’s impossible to forget because it was a great sign for me to know the true God and to know that the Lord Jesus is my only Savior, and there is no other true God except him.
I became to listen a lot to Mother Maggie Khozam until I received my salvation and was baptized, and the Lord Jesus changed my life a lot.

converts-nasser-syria-عابر-للمسيحية-ناصر– Nasser from Syria
How do you feel about being tied up? Your self-repressing. A hatred and living jealously for the one who is better from you?? Your studies are bad; Your relationship with your family is lukewarm. You are practicing your religion, just so they can say that you are good. You are programmed. There is no power to let anyone change your view about it… “this” our master, and “this” our prophet, and “this” our sheikh…a life of filthy slavery…
Till the light comes in a human form (Maggie Khozam), when you watch a video for her for the first time and you say to yourself: “What is that mess she is talking about”
You watch the second video and say that “she has a good point of view”… you watch the third … the fourth till you know that you are a slave who is living in an earthly hell.
I knew the Lord from her…I still had doubts. I tried to call him … he answered … I prayed and he answered me. Everything stuck in my life began to solve. I tried tithes … I got financially comfortable from nothing
I read the bible…
I became strong, without doubts, I succeeded, I was raised, and I felt what it means to be (((A son of God)))) What does it mean to love everyone and wish good for everyone?
And now for every negative comment … I will laugh at it the same amount that I will be sad about that person.
Thank you, our mother Maggie, for introducing us to God,
May God bless your life and your sweet family.

converts-samer-syria-عابر-للمسيحية-سامر– Samer from Syria
I, as a person who was born in Islam, they taught us that the Quran is the last of the heavenly books, but I always doubted that the Quran was a divine word from God because of the many verses that contain killing in it, especially because Islam includes five sects, their fights are purely bloody because of the Quran and its teachings, and all of them kill each other under what is called “Jihad” …
Once, I accidentally saw a video of a Syrian journalist named Maggie Khozam. I never knew her before, and she doesn’t know me. I read a verse that said: “take care from the false prophets, they will deceive you”, and in this verse, she assured me that the Quran was made by a human. So, I start watching her all the time, and I stayed with her until she was the reason for my salvation, she gave birth to me spiritually. And through her, I believed in Jesus the King, and I got disciplined with her, and I get baptized and accepted the gift of the Holy Spirit, and I knew that the Lord God is loving and not a cunning God. I advise every Muslim to start searching for the truth, and I say to them that the Lord doesn’t torture whom he will and humiliates whomever he wills, and the lord is not moody.
And our Lord guides everyone to the right path as He guided me.

converts-lamis-syria-عابرة-للمسيحية-لميس– Lamis from Syria
I am a girl who suffered a lot in my childhood from the moment I woke up in this life, from demonic things that controlled me because of “ruqya shar’yiah, veils” and the recitation of the Quran on me all the time, so I can be healed in the Quran, but the situation was increasing instead of going away… My life turned into a nightmare, I was a little girl who is dream is that she could sleep, I start asking myself: “why I’m not healed by the words of our Lord! Why when I hear the Quran, I’m feeling that it is a devilish word and I keep seeing nightmares and terrible things!” It kept following me till I grew up, I got very tired from this, and this was the first step for me to realize that this religion is not right, I searched, and I made sure, and I reached the first path of atheism, but there was something in my heart telling me “No for sure there is a God” … On a night I won’t forget, I called the lord, who still does not know, and I told him: “I know that you exist, but I do not know the way to you. Show me your way, O Lord” … Immediately, I grabbed my phone, and I opened YouTube, and we all know that YouTube shows you the things that you usually search for, and in all of my life I never searched about Christianity or Christ… I found that all the videos that were shown to me were about Christ, and from the videos, there were videos for our mother Maggie, who I started to watch and learn from her. There was a movie called “The Passion of Christ”, I had a great curiosity to watch it, so I did, From the first moment till the last moment my tears didn’t dry out, I was crying without knowing why, but there was something that touched my heart, It was as if I had finished and reached the thing I wanted after great fatigue. After that, I slept and I saw in a dream for the Lord Jesus, and he was saying to me: “I am he, I am your healer.” … From this moment, I was completely healed from everything, and I became a new person, a person who is worthy of being the daughter of the Lord who called her. Anything I want, I call “O Jesus” and it will be resolved immediately, He is always holding my hand, I got baptized and he filled my life with blessings… He is the living God, glory be to your name, O Lord.

converts-ola-syria-عابرة-للمسيحية-علا– Ola from Syria
My story began when I was 10 years old, or maybe a year less. I didn’t know anything about religions. I saw in my dream at this time, Jesus Christ. I didn’t know anything about him. I told the dream to my mother. She just told me, “This is the Prophet Isa, son of Mary.”
I saw him sleeping in my bed, and he was full of wounds from the impact of crucifixion, at this time I didn’t know that in the Islamic faith they deny the crucifixion and salvation. He asked me for a cup of water, I went to the kitchen to bring him the cup of water, but I reached neither the cup nor the faucet. I went to him, and I told him: ” I will not be late”, he told me: “it’s fine you already drank me”, and I was aiding his wounds only from his feet, but the effect of crucifixion was clear, and I was assuring my family that he was crucified, and I was not believing the Islamic story because it was a clear vision. The days passed, and I was 25 years old. I saw in my dream again, Our Lord standing in the middle of the sea, and the sea was raging, and the weather was rainy with lightning and thunder. he gave me his hand as if he is calling me to have faith in him, and immediately I remembered the old dream in my childhood. I walked on the right path, and I didn’t deny the crucifixion and I believed in redemption. I started reading, and my faith was growing and increasing, I start entering churches to learn more, but I wasn’t benefited from anything. Until I came to guidance and got to know our Mother Maggie, through her I was disciplined, and thanks to her my salvation were after I was disciplined and I knew everything I wanted to know from churches, I got baptized in the name of our Lord Jesus, who called me and guided me to the path of salvation. every day, I pray for guidance to spread, and all people know the right way, to know the father that sends his son to redeem humanity.

Converts-Maram-Syria-عابرة-للمسيحية-مرام– Maram from Syria
The first time I watched our Mother Maggie, she caught me when she said: ‘by their fruits, you know them…”. I started following her impartially because at this time, I wasn’t believing in anything and I was very close to atheism… and this thing was because of the big contradictions in my previous religion…When I read the Bible, I found it a wonderful and clear book for understanding, and everything in it was definite. Despite this, it is smooth and it can be applied in all eras and times…
Without containing contradicting verses that hold 100 different faces and interpretations. A book that is not misleading… a clear book that is the light of life…And I want to say an important thing that the real miracle is that you have an easy and clear book that will be your way to walk on it at all times… while the impotence and the summit of injustice and cunning are that a whole nation continues to the end of this life fighting and arguing on verses explanation for a multi-faceted book… And I hope from our Lord who opened my eyes and lightened my heart, to complete with me till the end… I was disciplined, baptized, and saved, and my savior is Jesus, that all nations witnessing and waiting for him to come back, even non-Christians.

converts-Maya-Syria– Maya from Syria
I was a Sunni Muslim, but since I was a kid, I felt that there were wrong things in this religion and rituals. So, I was far from it and I wasn’t convinced, but my parents were somehow religious and they obligated me to wear the hijab or to quit school, so I wear the hijab and I hated myself a lot, and the deeper I go in this religion I hate it more because of all the killing, contradiction, women insulting, slavery, and lying. So, I decided to marry someone 30 years older than me to get rid of my family. Until my sister told me that she got baptized, and she told me to watch Mother Maggie videos. I watched them and I became attached to her and her way. I also became to love the Lord of peace, Jesus Christ, our only true Savior. I went deeper and deeper to discover that we were just in a dark and dirty pit, and she showed us the path of salvation, the Lord Jesus, who with His name nothing is impossible or difficult, and when I believed in him, I get a serenity in my heart, and my life began to improve, then I get baptized and I transformed from being a slave to a daughter of God. I thank our Lord Jesus, and I thank you Mother Maggie for your effort with us.

converts-raneem-syria– Raneem from Syria
I am Raneem, I am 18 years old, from a Muslim background. I grew up in a very strict family, sheikhs like what they say, they cast out “jinn”, and they are from the group of “Al-Ruqiyat”. I was in love with Christ, and I was curious to know more, but unfortunately, they distorted his image. They told me that in Christianity he died on the cross and that they worship three gods and more from these stories. Two years ago, I met Christian friends, and we started discussing religious matters, and I saw their great love for their Lord, so I was sad for them, and I said, “They are on a wrong path, and I should tell them that their religion is distorted”. I opened the internet, and I saw few priests and I saw Maggie Khozam, I listened to her, and I start to close the video. Her words were a hit after a hit to me, I used to say, “It’s impossible”. Then I saw a dream, that I was in a church and people were praying. I woke up and I said “maybe it’s a normal place”, I went back to watching her videos, and I said “of course her information is wrong”, and I said that I will open the Holy Bible because maybe she was giving false information just to support her religion. Indeed, after I started reading the bible. I entered a state of crying, and I start reading from the Old Testament to the New Testament to see if she was talking the truth. At that time, I believed, and I said, “O Lord, I give you my life” and my little sister is 13 years old, I taught her, and I gave her the Bible to read in it. I contacted our Mother Maggie on Facebook, and I get discipleship with her, and yesterday was my baptism. I pray to our Lord to help in my sister’s baptism too. I know that I talked for a long time, and I still had many experiences that I went through, and every time God saved me from it. I used not to believe in miracles, but every time a miracle was bigger and greater than another. I thank our Lord for everything, and I ask our Lord to open and enlighten the minds and hearts of everyone.

converts-malak-syria– Malak from Syria
I was a Muslim living in darkness, and I had a thousand questions about the Islamic religion, especially about fasting and prayer, because I felt that they were only physical and psychological torture, and as usual, it is forbidden to ask because it’s considered a sin. I came to Germany and I saw people here, how do they live in peace and love that does not exist in our Arab countries, and I started asking myself, why?
My sister follows Mother Maggie, and she got to know Christ and she was baptized before me. She started telling me about the Lord Jesus Christ, and she sent me videos of Mother Maggie. I start watching a video followed by the other, and every time I had a question I open one of Mother Maggie’s videos, and I always find the answers. The video that affected me the most is the difference between Christ Jesus and Issa, and after I was baptized, I felt a lot of peace and my life became for the better, my work, self, and how I deal with people, I wanted to do things that bring me closer to the Lord Jesus Christ. Then I watched a video of our Mother Maggie that she disciples convert to Christianity. I communicated with her, and I thank our Lord and our Mother Maggie that now I’m with my siblings in the Lord’s Church. May God strengthen us all until the end, till he comes back.

converts-Muhammad-syria– Muhammad from Syria
I am from a moderate Islamic background and a good environment, but since I was a child, I had question marks about the Islamic religion…There was something that couldn’t enter my mind, for example, the verses of threats, torment, and fire… I used to say to myself: “Is it possible that God loves these stories, does he love to torture people, burn them, and roasts them, is it reasonable that there is a slaughterhouse up there, is it reasonable?”.
This stuff never entered my mind, there are also many contradictions, if we want to talk about them, we will not finish. After that, I did not follow any religion because I did not have any convictions left…
Once I was searching on Facebook, and I saw a video for our Mother Maggie, I watched, and I loved the mercy and humanity. I sensed something from the Lord God. That, there is nothing absurd, and the Lord loves his children, and he is with them, and he helps them. Frankly, I am one of the people who is difficult to be convinced of an idea just because someone said it. I start searching for the truth and I saw it thanks to the Lord. The Lord who created the world and mankind is great, a Lord of goodness, love, peace, and comfort, a Lord who is truly near without any threatening.
I liked that every question that is asked, it’s discussed in a civilized way, and it has a logical answer.
I thank the Lord Jesus who accepted me, and I got discipleship, I was baptized and today I am a Christian.

converts-aras-syria– Aras from Syria
From my childhood I was afraid of death and what happened to me after death. I used to read the Qur’an, pray, and fast, but my life became worse. I turned 33, I couldn’t complete my university, I failed, I didn’t get married, and I lived a long life with problems and illness. I went to Sheikhs to pray for me, so I can get married. I got married at the age of 33, and I got pregnant 3 times, and every time I want to get pregnant, I go to Sheikhs to pray for me, but I had a miscarriage three times, and I get divorced, and the war started in Afrin, and we lost our home. I lived in my uncle’s house; at this time, I went back searching for Sheikhs to help me. The lord put in my way a woman that I barely know before, I called her because she was a social tutoress, and I told her about my problems, so she told me: “pray to Lord Jesus and throw away all the veils”. During this period, my mom got sick and passed away.
I call the lord, and I start searching for him, he was with me in every step, he consoled me, and we get our house back from the Turks, I don’t know how one of our Mother Maggie videos appeared to me, I followed her for two years and I was trying to contact her, and the Lord helped me, I arrived and traveled, and in Turkey, the Lord facilitated my water baptism, and I returned. Back to Athens, and here my Mother Maggie baptized me with the Holy Spirit.

converts-nermin-syria– Nermin from Syria
I am from a Muslim background, but since I was a kid, I was 13 years old when I wished that I can be like my Christian friends. When I used to go with them to church, I used to feel different. I start to search about: “What is the difference? Why do we not have this feeling, this feeling inside you that makes you feel close to our God, a feeling that makes you closer and make you love God and not fear him”. I tried to ask even Christians how to become Christian. All of them refused, and they told me that there is nothing like that. Until, I saw pictures of people getting baptized on a page, and some people are congratulating them, I start to read, and I found a page for Mother Maggie. I contacted them, and they welcomed me. They made me feel that the dream had become a reality, and in fact, the dream had become a reality. I got discipleship, baptized, and became a Christian. Thank you, Mother Maggie, thank you from the heart. You gave me a new birth and a new life. I am grateful to you for the rest of my life.

converts-rahaf-syria– Rahaf from Syria
At a young age, I used to love knowing about the Christian religion and I felt it close to my heart, but at the same time, they frightened us, and they told us that the Bible is distorted, and only our Islamic religion is the correct one. I was surprised by all the verses of murder and intimidation, and when I read the Quran, I get annoyed. When I was in the second year of the university, I had a friend and we used to talk about travel stories, and that we wanted to travel. In this time, I had a lot of things that bothered me, and I had suicidal thoughts, and I used to hold the gun, and I only wanted to press on it, and to pray in the name of Muhammad and the Lord of Islam, but I get more tired. Then he asked me if I tried to read in the Bible, so I told him: “no”. Tell me, try. He told me to try, I replied yes, but I ignored It. Then he told me to watch Mother Maggie Khozam videos, I used to hear her name on the radio for a long time when I was young. I told him: “what she talks about in her videos?”, he said: “about the Holy Bible”, which I also ignored for 2 months. In the end, I watched one of her videos, and I said to myself: “what are you doing?”, and I start to watch video after video. After that, I became attached, and I loved her to a level that I can’t describe. I felt that she was like an angel that is pulling me to the right path. I start praying to Jesus, and I felt a lot better, and I removed the suicide idea from my head. He told me that there are discipleship groups that our mother Maggie is doing. I told him to tell her that I want to get discipleship with her, then I got disciplined, and I got baptized. Now I am proud that I moved from the wrong religion and slavery to the true religion. I am proud that I am one of the Lord’s children, and our Mother Maggie was a reason that I was attracted to the Lord Jesus, she was like a rope that pulled me and lifted me from darkness to the light of Jesus. And the most joyful thing about it is that even my sister, after a while, gets discipleship at the hands of our Mother Maggie, and she gets baptized. I hope that I can be the reason to draw all my family to the Lord Jesus, so that they may know the true meaning of the verse “O taste and see that the LORD is good”. I encourage all people to think rationally for once, if they just try, they will know that our Lord Jesus is the true God, he is the way, the truth, and the life. Also, they will earn the kingdom of heaven and they prove to the end.

converts-wafiqa-and-her-family-syria– Wafiqa and her Family from Syria
I was living without a mother and a father. They were dead since I was a kid, and my stepmother was the reason for my marriage. My husband used to beat me, starve me, and do not work. I had a girl named Elissar, he used to beat me, and he mutilated me from all the abuse. Every day I used to vow, sometimes lamb, sometimes chicken, just so I can get rid of him.
Once, I was walking on the road, someone came to me and asked me: “what is wrong?”. I told him: “There is no God, what is my sin to live without a father and mother, I was forced to marry someone that hit me, and now he kicked me out, and I have no place to go. My body turned blue from all the beatings, and poverty. I was outside with a summer sandal, in the cold and I’m holding my one-year-old daughter, I can’t feed her or take her to the doctor in the middle of the night. If God existed, all that wouldn’t happen to me. I told him, there is no God, I am tired, God does not exist, God is a lie”. So, this person starts telling me about Jesus, that he loves us. But here I was afraid because my house was full of magic and veils. Every time, I hear Jesus’s name, I shiver from fear. I start loving to know more about Jesus, till I got sick, and I didn’t leave a doctor or a hospital, I had great pain in my lower abdomen, and no one understood what is happening to me. In the end, I started to scream and cry heartily, and I said: “O Jesus, if you exist why, you left me in pain like this, I’m your daughter”, and I slept crying. So, I got a dream, and he told me: “Put your hand on the pain, I put my hand, and he puts his hand beside mine. I won’t forget this bosom, it was the most beautiful, the most loving bosom. I won’t forget it in my life. Since that day, I no longer felt pain, and I gave my life to Jesus, he is my everything, he is my life, he is my father, my mother, my brother, and my whole life… Then my husband died in the war, and I married Bilal, and I had 3 daughters from him other than the Elissar. Today, September 25, 2021, Elissar, my husband, my brother, and my three young daughters were baptized, and I and all my family were baptized, and all my family and I were saved.

converts-alaa-syria– Alaa from Syria
My name is Alaa, I am 27. I was a Muslim who believed in Christ, and I was baptized two days ago in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It was as if I was reborn again, and I consider this day the best day in my life.
My story, in short, I was born in a very strict environment, and everything was imposed on me. Since I was a little girl, I knew nothing except forbidden things and that you are going to hell.
When I grew up, I lived 7 hardest years of my life, it was the hardest thing. I had to suffer insults, humiliation, and many times I reached death. I always prayed to the God of Islam and there was no response, I used to say: “why? as long as I am oppressed, he does not hear me?”. I was like that, till I met a person that let me love God, and he introduced me to our mother Maggie. I start following her videos, and a lot of times I cried. I didn’t know what to do, I start going every day in front of the church and pray to God and it was impossible to go back home and return me disappointed. Every day my attachment became greater, and I felt a comfort inside me. Now, I thank the Lord for guiding me and I was baptized. I thank our mother, who is working hard with us, and I thank the person who was the reason for my salvation.

converts-adnan-syria– Adnan from Syria
I am a young man like any young man who lives in a Muslim environment, and as a result of this environment, I became an atheist from a young age because I wasn’t convinced by Muslim’s behavior or their ideas. Everything was forbidden to ask, and it’s a sin if you ask and opposes the religion. I used to see them praying, and they are acting religious. While they rob each other, hate each other, they eat forbidden, they get drunk, and all that was under the table.
From my point of view, I was saying it is impossible for the Lord, the Creator of the entire universe, to say to people, “you should kill each other!”
Half of the Qur’an is invasions, killing, war, and blood. I used to say, what is this God, that forbids the smallest things, like eating pork. While he accepts killing a person, just because he is not Muslim. I stayed living as an atheist, till my mother told me about the Christian faith. My mother was also a converted Christian, and she was baptized. I used not to focus on her words, atheism was controlling me, till a day she sent me a video for our Mother Maggie Khozam. I didn’t know her, and I saw her talking about the prayer, I saw her crying and I was surprised, and I said: “What is this faith that made us cry? Then I returned and watched the video from the beginning. I was attracted to the word that the Lord loves us, that the lord is waiting for us, and from that day I start to follow all our mother episodes, I start to read in the bible. One day I heard our mother saying, “Try, ask the Lord, and you will find him.” On the same night, I closed my room door and I said, “Lord if I am wrong and you are real, prove yourself to me”. The next day, I heard a voice in my ear, telling me: “Continue on the path you are on, and I am with you for salvation”. Moreover, I contacted our Mother Maggie, she disciplined me for months, she worked hard with us as if we were her children. I got baptized, and the work of our Lord started, he changed my whole life from an unemployed and anxious young man to a life full of happiness, work, and development. Thanks to our Lord for accepting me as a son and giving me the grace of salvation with his blood and purifying me from every sin, he also gave me siblings in the lord’s church, siblings in Christ, true siblings. We love each other in the love of Christ.

converts-jihan-syria– Jihan from Syria
I was a Yazidi, and I was lost. I didn’t know what I wanted. When the Turks occupied Afrin, we came to Aleppo because we were afraid that things would happen to us like what happened to “Shena’al Yezidis”. I went to a church to pray to God, and there I read in a book that Christ is the son of God and I learned more about the Christian faith, but I was hesitant, and I had a lot of questions. I watched videos for Sister Maggie Khozam. It was as if she knew my questions and she was answering me. I knew that if I wasn’t baptized, I would not enter the kingdom of heaven. I watched all her videos, and I downloaded the Bible on my phone, I start reading the Gospels and I get discipleship with our mother Maggie, and many miracles happened to me. But my husband didn’t allow me to get baptized. I knelt and I prayed, and I thank him that he responded. My husband, who wanted to divorce me if I get baptized, watched my baptism and he filmed a video of my baptism because he began to see that the Lord was with me and he saw the miracles that were happening.

converts-nour-and-her-3-daughters-syria– Nour and her 3 daughters from Syria
A converted brother told me that he left Islam and became a Christian. I was surprised by his words, and he started telling me a lot about Jesus until I reached the level of adoring Jesus. But I was always afraid that if I became Christian, they would put on me the apostasy limit. That’s why I decided to keep his love in my heart. One day, I heard the news of my brother’s death. I collapsed and sat crying and reproached our Lord and I told him: “Every time I used to ask you for help in the name of your beloved Muhammad, you won’t answer me. This time I will ask you, to help me for your son Jesus. Does he the God of miracles? Does he revive the dead? Let him revive my brother, and I was crying and screaming “O Jesus”. Suddenly I saw Jesus in front of me and he put his hand on my head and he told me: “I am with you, don’t be afraid”. I start to cry more, and I told him to forgive me because I was worshiping another God for 33 years. And you from the first time I asked, you answered me, and you were with me. Here I started to believe in the Lord Jesus, and I went through many tests, and the Lord’s hand was clear in them, including my daughter’s illness and her impossible recovery, and the Lord touched her and brought her back to my bosom safely. I made the decision and I got disciplined with our mother Maggie and I was baptized today on September 25, 2021, me and my three daughters.

converts-Natalie-syria– Natalie from Syria
I am from an Alawite background; I have suffered all my life from loss as a girl from this sect. Nothing is required from her in faith, except that she will grow up and get married so she can be a place to have children who are “reincarnated souls” of bodies. And of course, like Islam, they consider the woman’s passing in front of the worshipers to be defilement for prayer. It is forbidden for females to attend men’s prayers. It is forbidden for women to read the book of their faith, and it is forbidden to ask any question in faith. Her mission as a believer begins and ends with pregnancy and reproduction only, because of my love for the Lord and my curiosity to get to know him, I opened this book (the Constitution). I read it and I discovered that its manly words and dead people names in a linguistic form like incantations. Then I moved to get to know God through the Quran and here I began a bitter journey of pain, disease, misery, and curses. I was shocked by the boring repetition and scientific errors, pornography in describing heaven. I was shocked by my value as a woman believer on earth and in heaven, just a trivial commodity for beating, serving, and fun. In the end, I realized that this is a limited porn book and not a miracle book from the Lord. I prayed a lot for the lord to guide me to him, I used to consider Jesus Christ as a teacher, master, and prophet until I saw a video of our Mother Maggie about Adam that he is not the first human being on earth. It attracted me to know about the Bible. I started two and a half years ago, watching the “FMC World” channel in an organized way. I downloaded the Bible from the website, and I started reading Psalms, Genesis, and the Gospel of Mathew. At first, I was in a state of joy, sadness, and regret, how was this knowledge hidden from me all the time? How can the devil deceive in this way? I got discipleship and I get baptized, thanks to this woman that God sent for many people that love him by nature, but blind by insight and shackled by lies. To introduce them to the Lord of life, and thanks to our Lord, today I received the honor of baptism and the new birth from above. I wish every human being on this earth will receive the peace that the Lord Jesus Christ has left us, and he assured us that the whole world can’t give it to us.

converts-Norma-syria– Norma from Syria
I grew up in a house full of curses and beliefs against God… The closest people to me, work with magic and spells, and because of envy, they made me drink things in my coffee, among these things, there was arsenic. I started getting sick physically and psychologically, they fought us with my father a lot, but because our mother raised us for the love of God and goodness, I kept praying, whether in the Book of Wisdom or in the Qur’an, but it was increasing my fatigue. I used to see myself throwing up chicken legs, and ugly things and I fall in the magic circle (Frightening sorcery matters), I kept fasting and praying to the Lord, and I told him: “why you wrote my fate like this?”. For a time, I was tired, and I saw a door from the sky, with stars in it, and Christ appeared to me, he smiled, and I smiled back to him. Then, videos of our Mother Maggie popped out to me, about the holy trinity, and why should he be crucified? I read from the Bible, I fasted, and I prayed to Jesus, and I told him: “I promise you, that if you heal me, I will get baptized and be a daughter for you”, I contacted our Mother Maggie and I she gave me discipleship and I get baptized… Glory to his holy name.

converts-marwa-syria– Marwa from Syria
In the beginning, I was like all the people who were born into a Muslim family. I liked a young Christian believer who drew me to the peace and purity inside him, and I didn’t tell him. I had the love of discovering but I have in mind that whatever will happen, I wouldn’t change my religion. Here, I wanted to get to know Christianity in general, and our Mother Maggie videos popped out for me, and after I heard her, I discovered that Christianity is different from the sayings I used to hear, that they are alcoholics, polytheists, infidels, etc.… As the time passed, I began to consider the young man I liked as a brother to me and became the last of my interests. But I started to love Jesus, and I felt him as a savior, and I felt that something strong was attracting me, and Jesus touched my heart as if he used my admiration for the Christian guy, for Jesus to bring me to him and his love. Here I had a fear and it conflicted inside me, that is it possible that the devil is beautifying Christ? Importantly, and in all logic, for the first time in my life, I decided to put the sanctity of my love for Islam aside and read in the Holy Bible. All the reading I read, I wasn’t saturated enough from these words, because I felt a sense of realistic, sweet, rational, logical talk. And I found that the Holy Bible is that love that I have been searching for years. Christ was knocking on the door, I opened it for him, so he came in and sat with me, and after I knew the truth, he set me free. I was attacked by the devil in fatal accidents, and Jesus was always saving me as if he was telling me that I will not die before you are saved. Today, I was born again, and I consider myself only hours old because a few hours ago I got baptized.
Oh Lord, save our people and save the whole world.

– Faten from Syria
My new name after baptism is Tekla, I’m from a Druze background.
My love for the church, and the psychological comfort and peace that I felt in them, every time I passed by a church, which I knew nothing about it except that it is a place of worship for Christians, this made me search a lot and examine, but many questions I had that I couldn’t find answers that convince me. One day by chance I saw a video of Madame Maggie Khozam on Facebook, which I didn’t know or heard about before, and the video was nothing about faith and religion. It was talking about the situation in Syria. My curiosity made me enter her page, and here I started to find answers to my questions that I have been searching for years, and I knew that It’s not my curiosity that made me enter the page. It is our Lord’s arrangement for me to a new life with the true God and a transition from darkness to light. I thank our Lord, and I thank Madame Maggie for her hard work with us, and I pray for everyone that our God opens their eyes and insight to know the true path.

converts-majed-syria– Majed from Syria
I am from a Druze background, and we were forbidden to know what is in this religion except for people who receive the religion, which means to become a religious man, and this is something that I never liked. I searched in the Druze religion and I found it illogical for more than one reason, one of the reasons is the idea of reincarnation, and that’s why I started looking for God on a long journey. I looked and searched for more than one religion to see what are these religions and what is their teachings. Some of them are Shiites, Sunnis, and Buddhists. Till my Christian friend told me to watch this video for Maggie Khozam, I saw the video and I liked it, and I start watching Mother Maggie Videos, and she answered every question that was in my mind. I didn’t know the Holy Bible before, I downloaded it and began to read it. The Bible words touched my heart from the inside, and I knew that there was only one way to salvation, which is the Lord Jesus Christ.
I get baptized and today I am Christian.

converts-batoul-syria– Batoul from Syria
I was born in an Alawite family; we consider religion as treatment (I can’t say what the Alawite religion is because the Alawite religion is a secret religion, and only men can receive the religion not women)
My religious information came from school, and here I started asking questions to the teacher:
– Do we have free will or we are controlled? If our destinies are written, why did God treat us like a Sims game, and he will judge us for a role that we were assigned? There is no answer get out
– Where is the prophet miracle? The Quran…Ok, where is the miracle in this? You are not raised right, go outside…
I was a believer that there was a God because I feel his presence, but the style of prayer does not resemble me and does not satisfy my need for the Lord, so I used to pray by speaking with the Lord…
2011 was a strange transition… I was studying the subject of birth and the doctor of this subject had a Quranic verse at the beginning of each chapter (we covered the bones with meat). The strange thing is that we are studying the opposite of this talk! I said to myself, this book is either a distortion or it’s not from the Lord, in both cases, I cannot trust it.
With the rise of the Islamic tide in Syria and the armed factions and ISIS, and everyone says that this does not represent Islam, I stopped, and I said what a lie, I remember a time when they taught us in school (prepare them for whatever strength you can.) How does it not represent Islam?
When I started talking with my friends, we saw the similarities between Muhammad and Zaradasht, and I couldn’t accept him as a prophet, and he was a pedophile, and he has married many times, and his message was blood, sword, and sex… In my opinion, someone is smart, but he is not a prophet.
I became an atheist and I thought that since I stopped believing in the Islamic God, so I concluded that he is the one God of the three religions…
Are they all considered Abrahamic religions?
Over the years, I went back to talking with the Lord and saying “There is a lord but the ways to him don’t represent me, so I concluded that if I confessed that he exists without practicing it is enough.
In 2020, I had a problem. I lost everything. I spent months crying and saying, “Lord, why?” On a day I slept, I woke up at night like someone who understood something or noticed, I don’t know how I knew in my heart like if it was sealed in my heart that Jesus is Lord.
Because like what I said, why the Lord doesn’t come? Surely, millions of others have said it too, and that’s why Jesus came, that anyone who says that to wake up, that the Lord has come to meet our needs till he comes back, and to teach us how to live.
when I began searching for the Lord and reading the Bible, I felt that I found everything that I dream of. A Lord who knows the type of my pain and he tells us I will not leave you, orphans. Jesus gave me a new beginning.
At a time when I needed a year or two years to receive something I need, he gave it to me in 25 days.
The thing that I lost, he replaced me with better and sweeter things. The people who the Lord sent to me, are better than everyone who passed in my life.
I said, I will get baptized, and I made an appointment, then I postponed it, and I said: “O Lord, I am afraid that I will come to you, ignorant of you, undeserving and weak, and I don’t deserve someone like you.
I prayed: “O Lord, tell me if I come to you now, or I should wait?”
Two hours later, I spoke to Madame Maggie, and she accepted me in the discipleship groups.
After my baptism, I felt that my soul is feeling peace, I felt that I was walking on solid ground, with confidence that I’m not alone.
Life with Jesus is different, I can’t explain it, but it is truly as the Bible says: “O taste and see how good the Lord is”

converts-alaa-syria-golan– Alaa from Golan
I was born in a traditional Muslim family that follows rituals with sanctification and sacrifices for “Sheikhs” who make veils, etc. But I was not convinced in all these things. Since I was a kid, I had love and attraction to Christians because of their lifestyle, and I used to try being friends with them. Years passed and most of them were full of suffering, loss, and fear.
In 2017, I dreamed of the Holy Cross, and a voice was saying to me, “Whatever you need ask me”. At this time, I asked to protect my mother and take care of her.
In 2019, I was watching a video on YouTube talking about traveling to Italy. Suddenly the voice of the person who was talking changed, and I heard a terrifying voice that shock me for ten seconds and he said to me, “You are going to travel to Italy”. This is what happened, and I traveled.
I couldn’t understand what is happening, fear and anxiety were escorting me… I was trying to find a way to find peace, but there was nothing.
A year and a half ago, I watched a video for Maggie Khozam, the videos were very attention-grabbing, and I was convinced by all of what she was saying. I start to apply what she was saying, and day after day I start entering the Christian faith and reading the Holy Bible and sometimes searching for explanations. About a year ago, my life changed for the better. I found the path of peace that I had been searching for years without fear, my health for the better, my psyche for the better. I left the psychiatrist that I used to go to. Instead of housing, God send me two housings at the university, I succeeded in all my subjects even though I had difficulties studying… Many people help and support me with more than that… After 4 months of discipleship with the dear Mother Maggie Khozam, the warrior who gave us a solid foundation in faith, I was baptized in an orthodox church, and I started a new beginning with Christ.
Thank you, My Lord and God, Jesus.

converts-hala-and-her-son-taim-syria– Hala and her son Taim from Syria
When I was Muslim, I was a devastated person with all the meaning of the word destruction. Even though I never cut any obligatory prayers, I fast and pray, I suffered in my childhood from my parents. Humiliation, beatings, and deprivation of education, and when I got married, my first marriage failed and I remarried, and he was like the person before him, he beats me up. I got divorced and stayed alone in this world with two children from my marriages.
So, I began a life of parties, men, and addiction, and I didn’t find happiness. I did not know the meaning of comfort and peace, so I decided to commit suicide, and I actually cut my arteries and they helped me, but the state took my children from me because of my suicide.
And suddenly our Lord put Mother Maggie in my way, my whole life changed in just a year. The Lord Jesus brought my children back to me, freed me from addictions, lust, smoke, and parties. The Lord gave me a new heart with my children, and my son and I were baptized and soon in the name of Jesus my second young son will be baptized too, and from hell to the kingdom of Heaven and the children of the kingdom, with stability, peace, and love that I never felt in my life.
Today my house and I have dedicated our lives to the Lord Jesus forever.

converts-doaa-syria– Doaa from Syria
I am from a Sunni Islamic background, and I got to know the Lord Jesus after I gave up on the cruel Islamic god, and from Islam that all their teachings are about insulting women.
I asked the God who created me to give me a sign if he exists, so the sign was the Lord Jesus, so I wanted to know the difference between Isa and Jesus. I watched the video for Mother Maggie, and I understood.
I don’t accept being destined and forced to follow a religion that most of its teachings instigated on spiritual and physical fornication, so I decided to become a Christian, and I saw the Lord Jesus in a vision that changed my life. I thank him and our Mother Maggie who did me a favor by making me understand the true God and know that I am a jewel and a daughter to God through Jesus Christ. When I ask, he answers me, he protected me from the devil and sickness. He gave more than I deserve, I thank Jesus that he chose me. Today, 26/12/2021, my daughter and I were baptized, and we became for Christ.

converts-rola-and-her-husband-syria-العابرين-للمسيحية-رولا-وزوجها-سوريا– Rola and her husband from Syria
I’m a Kurdish Convert from a Muslim background. I was residing in Istanbul, and there was God’s intervention in our lives, me, and my family. My husband had a Muslim friend, by chance he saw him on the road, and he invited him to our home, this person was baptized years ago, and he became a priest and was in charge of a church in Istanbul. The priest began to go and come to our place, and talk to us about Lord Jesus, how he was born on the image of man, how he was incarnated, tortured, crucified, and rose from the dead on the third day, and how the Lord prepared a plan through the Son of Man to take away from us all our sins and to be freed from the bondage of Satan and his evil on earth, and how must our salvation be according to the plan of the Lord for us, and the miracles of the Lord God. All these words affected me. I started reading the Bible until I reached the verses of the Revelation of John chapter 3 from verses 19 to 22. These verses shook me from my heart, and I repeated them a lot. What is this humble God, who wants to take our permission from us, the sinners, to enter our homes and hearts, Here I stood and opened my door, my heart, and my life so that it would be enlightened by the light of salvation with the boundless love that the Lord God gave to us. My husband and I were baptized, and the Lord entered my family and it gradually changed and we became a new creation in the name of Jesus, Amen.

converts-maria-syria-العابرة-للمسيحية-ماريا-سوريا– Maria from Syria:
Since I was a kid, I felt a great love for the Lord Jesus, and I had the same dream all along, that I saw myself in a church praying, and I don’t know why this dream was always repeated.
I lived a difficult childhood; my father left me, and I was harassed in my childhood by one of the closest people to me, that broke me from the inside, and every year that passed I get more psychologically tired also I start having a social phobia.
Until the door of light opened for me… And the Lord gave me his hand, and he told me “you are my daughter, and I will not leave you”. The Lord made many ways for me to reach him. He worked with me, and he sent me Mother Maggie, he put her in my way to reach him, and since I reached, I changed… I recovered from social phobia and depression and regained the feeling of safety that I had lost even among my family. He healed me with his will, and I get baptized in his name. I pray with all my heart for everyone on the path of darkness to meet the path of light… Amen in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

converts-samarnar-syria-العابرة-للمسيحية-سمرنار-سوريا– Samarnar from Syria
I thank the Lord when he called me, I heard his call, and when he missed me and told me “come back my daughter to my embrace”. The love of the father brought me to him through our mother Maggie, may God bless her. My love story for Christ started a long time, but fear prevented me till I saw a video for our Mother Maggie when she was explaining her love and affection for the Lord. Oh God, that moment I won’t forget. I said in my heart “good for her that she was born a Christian and she can express herself”. I always start watching her and on YouTube how she talks, and how she isn’t afraid because the Lord was with her and gave her strength and love for people, and I saw how the Lord gave her the greatest and most heartfelt heart. She taught us how to love the Lord and how to see him standing with us. I contacted her, and she added me to the discipleship groups and educational stages, and every new day my love for the Lord is increasing, I finished discipleship and she send me to get baptized.
I thank the Lord that I earned salvation. O Lord strengthen me to the end and accept me, Lord Jesus, as a soldier of the Lord’s soldiers, ready to serve you at all times.

– Amjad from Syria
My story began with one of my Christian friends. He told me that his father is reading about the end times in the bible in a book called Revelation. The conversation attracted me a lot, so I asked him to let his father read for us, then I asked my friend to give me a Bible and he gave it to me. I start reading, but I didn’t understand anything, frankly, I mean, I never felt the words. I started with Genesis, I read a little till the story of Lot and that his daughters made him drunk and that they lay with him! Till here I closed the Bible and I said: What is this talk?! After a few days, I opened the internet and I saw a video for Mother Maggie, not by chance this is a sure divine arrangement. I heard her and I start following her episodes, and my brain became distracted, and I start saying to myself: her words are all true, and I go back to check the Quran and make sure, and she also responds to people that ask her, and her words hit my heart. Then, I heard that we could pray and ask the Lord to reveal himself, so I prayed, and I saw a dream that the world was dark and there was a cross upon which he was crucified. I woke up from my dream and I kept doubting, the other day I told him: “Forgive me, I want to ask you for another dream. I want to know who the true God in the world is to worship him”. The second day, I dreamed of a person dressed in white and in front of him there was a book opened, he gestured with his hand to me as if he was telling me to follow him and I walked after him, and then the tests started, and I believed in the Lord. I went to many Orthodox churches and many priests, and no one spoke to me frankly, and I went to an Evangelical church as well, and it rejected me. Then according to a divine measure, I went to an evangelical church, and they welcomed me and baptized me, and thank God I became Christian.

converts-rawan-syria-العابرة-للمسيحية-روان-سوريا– Rawan from Syria / Homs
I would like to bear witness to our Lord Jesus Christ. I am from an Alawite background; my whole life was full of diseases and problems. We are a mystical religion; women are forbidden to learn the religion. They tell us to do like the Sunnah prayer and fasting. I used to ask the Muslim god, who didn’t exist, he would never respond, and Ali bin Abi Talib was like a philosopher in my point of view.
5 years ago, before I got to know Jesus, my life was a disaster. There was a controlling person in my life who deprived me of everything in life and I often failed in anything I started.
By the will of God, I traveled to Baghdad. I got to know Jesus through our Mother Maggie Khozam, through Facebook. I got discipleship and then I recovered from a disease that I had 6 years ago, the disease diagnosis was unknown. Currently, I have received something important in my work, and I am superior in it, and I got to know someone who resembles Christ, a Muslim Alawite convert, and we are going to get married. My whole life has changed for the better since I prayed for the first time to our Lord Jesus Christ. Today, our Lord, by his will, facilitates my baptism and I was born again in Christ. May God bless the life of our Mother Maggie and use her for the salvation of the largest number of lost souls.

converts-muhammad-syria-العابر-للمسيحية-محمد-سوريا– Muhammad from Syria / Damascus
I am from an Alawite Muslim background, but I did not believe in the god of Islam. I had a relative, her name was Doha, We used to fight a lot when I insult Muhammad and deny his existence, at that time she was still a Muslim. I was lost at that period, there was no one to guide me to the right path, so Satan dragged me to him, and I start worshiping Satan. My worship developed and I started talking to him directly, I had no way to escape him, I can’t return to Islam or any other religion. Till a time that Doha get discipleship and get baptized on Mother Maggie’s hands, and her Christian name became Lydia. Here, I felt that the Lord Jesus is the true Lord, but I was still afraid and doubtful, and many questions were in my head, and at the same time, the devil didn’t allow me, and he fought me strongly if I thought this way. To the point that before I get discipleship if I hear sister Lydia hearing a hymn or listening to Mother Maggie or anything about the Lord Jesus I unwillingly run away and couldn’t sit. Till a time when the Lord touched my heart, I was sitting in the room alone, my chest was depressed and I was tired, and I said to him: “My Lord, Jesus, I am tired and I am going to eternal death”, I felt his presence at that time, and I felt someone was telling me: “Come to me, you who are weary”, “Disciple them and baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”. I became calm and comfortable, and I just wanted to get discipleship and baptized. Indeed, yesterday I was baptized and today I will join the Lord’s Church.

converts-Fatima-syria-العابرة-للمسيحية-فاطمة-سوريا– Fatima from Syria / Idlib
My convert story is very harsh and difficult. We are from a closed-minded family, My father is a sheikh in the Sunni Islamic faith, who performs rituals and parties with the “Murids”. They say it is a remembrance of their Prophet Muhammad, who they glorify more than their God.
He used to beat us to pray and fast and put on the hijab. I used to lie because I wasn’t convinced in the Islamic religion because I see my father praying in the morning and worshiping and at night pornographic films.
I became rebellious when I grew up, I was beaten and sighed because I didn’t want to pray and worship a god that promised me hell. I stayed like this till one time, I was beaten up a lot, I fainted, and while I was unconscious someone held my hand and said: “Get up, you were not created to die, get up and open the door”. I heard this sentence, but I didn’t see who said it. I woke up and I was full of my blood, I washed and went back to my room, I went up to the ceiling and said, “I know that you are there “help me”. The next day I woke up and did not have any pain in my body, I started looking on Google for an explanation for what I saw, and I found things about the miracles of Christ. I get the Bible and I start reading but I didn’t understand, but I felt better reading. I tried, I went to church, I was more relaxed, and here I start searching. At a moment, I saw a video for our Mother Maggie, and I had the curiosity to enter her page and I saw her videos. I got many answers to my questions, and after a while, I had a minor accident, but it affected my right wrist and I suffered for 3 years. By chance, I saw a video for her talking about the lord, and how he can hear and heal us if we had complete faith in him. At the moment I was watching the video, I put my hand on my wrist and I asked in the name of the Lord Jesus to be healed. I forgot the story, and after a week my neighbor asked me how my hand is. At this time, I forgot the story because I was no longer in pain. I was not able to lift a kilogram with my hand, I grabbed it and started moving it right and left, there was no pain, no pain at all. My Lord healed me from the moment I asked, from here, I decided to take the right path and walk in it so I can live as when he told me that I was created to live and not to die. One night I kneeled and prayed in the name of the Lord Jesus, and I was baptized yesterday.

converts-zein-al-abideen-syria-العابر-للمسيحية-زين-العابدين-سوريا– Zein El Abideen from Syria
I am a son of a well-known Shiite family, it is not allowed, religiously and politically, that I question my sect. Family disputes began to hate and insult to the point of death threats. These problems and psychological pressure brought me to the hospital, a stroke caused me paralysis and impaired cognition, and I woke up with a disturbing memory. Everything I know (May your will be done) is the word that never left my tongue while I was lying on my hospital bed in Lebanon. Between sleeping and awake but I don’t know, I was half a body with half a consciousness, I saw Jesus, my lord and savior, I tasted the sweetness of his light and I felt that my body was going to him, but with the movement of his hand, he pointed his finger at my heart and said to me: Stay where you are, I want your heart, here I quickly understood (My son, give me your heart and let your eyes notice my paths). He left me and from that time my heart became his alone. Anything in my life is centered on the foundation of Jesus Christ. After 3 months, I recovered gradually and with treatment and start to walk, talk, and focus more than before. I start following Madam Maggie Khozam page and I started my journey with her and I get baptized.
I started with her and I will continue with her, and the blessing became in everything in my life from that time.

converts-ahmed-syria-العابر-للمسيحية-أحمد-سوريا– Ahmed from Syria
From an Islamic-Alawite family, we can say, a non-religious family. As a non-religious person, I have always searched and read about religions, heaven, and earth, and I had friends in Syria from the Evangelical sect.
They used to talk to me about the Lord Jesus Christ, the thing that touched my heart and soul the most is (love your enemies)
Is it reasonable from 2000 years ago that a human being who said that phrase, a summit in humanity from 2000 years ago, when the world was living without the human civilization that we are living in our time.
I got discipleship and baptized, and thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, who enlightened my heart.

converts-hassan-syria-العابر-للمسيحية-حسن-سوريا– Hassan / Homs
Peace of Christ, I am Hassan. I was born into a Muslim family, from a Morchidia sect. I was a Muslim who knew that his name is Allah and we must worship him without understanding and without him working with us. My whole life was dark, a life always incomplete without blessings, I had lost my peace, my psychological comfort, and my hope. I had many sins without any deterrent or fear. There were times when I thought that there was no God, and I always said: “If there is a God, he wouldn’t leave me like that, my life is stopped in its place without any change, nothing in my life is complete, with or without tiredness.”
I got to know the Lord Jesus through a (non-religious) video of our Mother Maggie Khozam, I felt comfort and clear light on her. I watched most of her videos and got to know the Lord. I knew that the Lord is with us, that he loves us, and he pays the price of our mistakes, the mistakes that we are completely not able to pay for them. I got to know the Lord that tells us “I love you, I was crucified for you”. I believed, trusted, got discipleship, and got baptized. Just as I thought to know and keep the commandments of the true Lord, the smallest details of life changed and my whole life worked.
The Lord taught me what it means to sin. I became afraid to commit sins. I became aware of what it means that the Lord sends me blessings in my life, and I knew what it means that the Lord loves me, and deals with me. He changed all the details of my life, I became with the light, my soul rested, the comfort of the Lord and the peace of the Lord filled my life. I learned that anything through prayer and thanksgiving is attained. Any sin that is stuck, I pray for it and get rid of it. Nothing is impossible with the Lord of glory and the Lord of miracles.
I thank the Lord for all his dealings and miracles and for changing my life. Thank you, Jesus, for calling me. Thank you for accepting me. Thank you for your Holy Spirit who dwells in me.

converts-nagham-syria-العابرة-للمسيحية-نغم-سوريا– Nagham from Syria
I am from an Alawite background. Of course, women are forbidden to learn their religion, they are just something without value that belongs to a man… I got to know the Lord Jesus through Mother Maggie’s videos by chance, and I started watching a video after a video. I was attached to the character of Jesus at the beginning of my journey, and when I started reading the Bible, I delved deeper and became sure that if there is a true God that exists, He is the Lord Jesus and it cannot be in anyone else. The only one who hears you, try and ask him to hear you. You will find him knocking on the door of your heart and he introduces himself to you through situations, in a dream, and in some ways that you can’t imagine. I hope that everyone will reconsider what they are worshiping, and if you are a good human for sure God will reveal himself to you in many ways, just to believe.
First, all thanks to the Lord who came down to me the undeserved and made me know who he is, and for the spiritual mother Maggie who was and still is, and will remain a reason for the salvation of many souls, may the Lord bless her efforts.

converts-rawan-syria-العابرة-للمسيحية-روان-سوريا– Rawan from Syria
My story started when I was 17 years old. I loved visiting the church with my friends, I didn’t know why. When I used to visit, I always felt a sense of comfort, peace, and security. But I didn’t know anything about them. I didn’t know that they worship the alive and true God… They used to tell me in my community that you can’t become like them and that they are not a true religion, and of course, I didn’t believe them.
I went through harsh circumstances in my life. I did not believe in anything specific, But I was saying, O God, Lord, and he did not respond, and sitting afraid and crying, I became very depressed, and I became afraid to die… I started searching and reading to know who the Christian’s God is. I read the comparisons between Christ and Islam, and of course, we can never compare, but at the time I needed to know. Pages pass over me that increase my light and faith, pages that talk about Christ and things that went through with me, as if our Lord chose me so that I might know and discover that he is the true God, he is my savior, he is my father. I start watching Madame Maggie and I found many answers to the disturbance in my head. I started seeing dreams. I saw the cross in front of me from heaven to earth. I also saw people and things that happened and came true… So, I decided, I get baptized, and was born again in the name of the Lord Jesus, with full trust in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The only Savior who redeemed us with his blood as an atonement for our sins, and he will remain with us until the end, and we are his children on this earth.

converts-judy-syria-العابرة-للمسيحية-جودي-سوريا– Judy from Damascus
I was in the “Qubeisiat: school, I grew up and felt that this religion is not true, the idea of 4 wives and what possesses your faith is not right, families and children are being scattered from this idea. . The idea of the invasions is not correct. 100’s and 100’s of things are not right.
I grew up and God set me up with a foreign Christian man. We started talking about God and I loved his ideas he taught me stories that I did not know before and it was a surprise for me, for example, that the Lord could talk to us. It was a wrong and difficult idea for me, but I had felt it all my life, and I found someone else who shared the same idea with me.
He traveled to Syria and got to know my family so that we could get married, and I felt that my family would not agree because he is a foreign Christian that want to take me with him, but he said a word that stopped me. He said to me: “God told me that when I step my leg in your house, I will step my leg with you”. Indeed, he entered the house and everyone loved him, my mom, and my nervous and jealous dad. It was surprising, but for him, he was sure. We got married, but of course, he embraced Islam, because in Syria there is no civil marriage, and when I went with him, I was 21 years old. I got pregnant with my first son, I saw strange dreams, and there was a dream that I can’t forget when the Lord talked to me with his voice, and it was a sound of thunder. I woke up happy and not afraid, and after a period of two years, my husband decided to get baptized. A day before, I opened the Internet and I saw a video for Maggie and she was saying: “ if you want an answer to anything that is confusing you, open the Bible without any specifications, and the Lord will respond”. I was happy, I brought the Bible and I opened to a page that means to say that the Lord is very happy with a disciple that comes to his church. I was happy, and I told my husband that God spoke to me and that tomorrow I want to be baptized. The second day I went with him to the church, and the brother was saying on the day of the baptism, the same page that I had opened the day before…so I got baptized.

converts-sohaib-syria-العابر-للمسيحية-صهيب-سوريا– Sohaib from Damascus
Why did I choose the Lord Jesus to be my Lord and Savior? At first, I did not choose him, but he chose me. Since I was a young man, I was strongly attracted to churches and their beauty and the saint’s icons in them. I was very impressed with the Gregorian hymns, in those years I was a Muslim, but secular, I tried to approach Islam every period, but I did not feel any comfort or tranquility. I was looking for (the true God) and I was indirectly feeling that there was a problem with the Islamic religion and the Islamic God. Many times, I used to cry heartily and ask for God’s presence in my life, and indeed the Lord Jesus began his work. The journey began with more than one vision that I could not understand at the time, and then the practical journey began. When I was going through a very tight period, I found in my library a book that is talking about (Karma) by the Russian writer Lazarev, I read the book and I brought all of his books, and my life began to improve for the better. After a period of digging, I discovered that the source of this book is the great Holy Bible. Then, after about a year, the crisis began, which turned into a war in Syria, and the bloody Islamic battalions began to appear. I started searching for the truth of Islam at the same time I began searching for the Christian faith through many programs and websites on the internet, and I began to know the truth (you know the truth and the truth sets you free), the second part of my journey is my relationship with the priests who follow strange rituals and teachings. Until the Lord Jesus led me to Mother Maggie Khozam, after getting the discipleship on her hands, I began to know the correct teachings, and the wonderful work of the living Lord Jesus began in my life… There is no suitable description of the Lord Jesus, the Savior, the Redeemer, and the King of Kings.

converts-yousef-syria-العابر-للمسيحية-يوسف-سوريا– Youssef from Syria
From a Muslim to a Christian, they told us that God is the ultimate path, no matter what you worship, and this is how we walked. There came a time in my life when I needed God to hear me because I was tired and no one felt that, and I always felt that something is missing. I asked our Lord with tears that I find the right path, because he knows my heart, and after an inspection, I start reading the Holy Bible, and every time I read, I live the book, and day by day I understand the word through the efforts of the spiritual mother, Maggie Khozam. I got discipleship and baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ because he is the way, the truth, and the life. He also paid the price of our sins so we can be God’s children. Do not allow anyone to mislead you and tell you that we believe in Issa. Read the Bible and you will discover that there is no one called Issa, he is the Lord Jesus Christ, meaning the Savior. Acts 4:12 “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”
In these last days, I say I belong to the Lord Jesus, the Lord of peace. You will feel many changes in your life and things that you may not tell anyone about, or curses or difficulties, all of which will be dissolved with our Lord Jesus Christ, because he is the God of the living and not the God of the dead. He is the only one who said in John 11:25, “Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.”

converts-karim-syria-العابر-للمسيحية-كريم-سوريا– Karim from Damascus
With the beginning of the crisis in Syria, displacement, killing, scenes, normalization, and learning in mercy. I always asked myself if it was a religion of peace. Why is all this killing and death? Why is everyone killing in the name of “Allah”, So I started to go deeper, I started with all the killings as quickly as I could. Murder, brutality, and mental illness are found in the same offices, as well as in the same books in the Quran, do we have the names of animals.? So, I left Islam.
And the journey of searching for the answer began, and thanks to Mother Maggie, I found the answer in the Lord Jesus, who sacrificed himself to forgive our sins, who taught us love and peace, not murder and cruelty.
Thanks to the Lord and our mother Maggie, I crossed from darkness to light and I got baptized.

converts-malkah-syria-العابرة-للمسيحية-ملكة-سوريا– Malkah from Damascus
I was a Sunni Muslim, but from the time I was young, I had many objections and many questions, especially about the treatment and the provisions of the inferiority of women in Islam. And one answer to all my questions was: “The devil is whispering to you.” I used to pray, fast, and read the Qur’an because I was afraid of the God of Islam and the methods, he use to torture humans. When I came to Germany, I accidentally watched a video discussing a surah in the Quran. I have always had many questions about it because it contains a lack of literature that I shyly read and it’s dedicated to pleasure men (Description of Heaven).
After this video, I watched many videos and I knew that I was living a big lie. The owner of the video became a Christian and I got to know the Lord Jesus when I read the Holy Bible “Mathew, Mark, Luke, John”. I became in another world in which there is peace, love, and joy, and I loved the Lord Jesus with all my heart, and I prayed and asked that if the Lord is “Jesus Christ” to give me a sign, and I saw him in a dream, and I knew that he is a living and righteous Lord, and I decided to get baptized and to baptize my son in 2018. Since then, and for this time I never asked but he always open a new door. And through the videos of Mother Maggie, I understood more and found answers to my questions, and I would like to delve more deeply into faith, and a great thank you to Mother Maggie because she added me to be discipled and to learn with the blessed brothers and sisters in the Lord’s Church.

converts-ibrahim-syria-العابر-للمسيحية-ابراهيم-سوريا– Ibrahim from Tartus
I am from a very strict Alawite family. There was a church in our neighborhood. I saw people praying, and I heard church bells sound, and something inside me tells me that this is the way of life.
I entered the church for the first time in my life and I stood with the people and prayed. I said, “Lord, you will be with me and protect me and facilitate my way so I can still come here and pray, and I start going every Sunday to pray.”
I saw the Lord Jesus Christ for the first time in my life, he carried me on his shoulders and took me to the church.
I told my family what happened, and they got mad and forced me to read the Quran. I started reading it and seeing many mistakes, I started to see that the Islamic god is a god of killing and blood.
“Surat al-Nisa” is a statement that cannot be issued by a god, and many verses incite murder.
saw the Lord Jesus again, he came to and sat next to me and said (it is all a test from me, stay firm)
After a year I got tired and became a cancer patient, I got tired a lot and asked the Lord Jesus to be with me and carry the first dose I took, I saw the Lord and he said to me: “Do not be afraid I am holding your hand I will not leave you”. I told him: “O Lord my life is in your hands. Do not leave me I am your son and I love you so much”. I completed my treatment and it was time to do my surgery.
Before I entered the operating room, I stood and prayed. I told him: “O Lord, O Jesus, my love, my body, my heart, and my soul are with you, do not leave me.” I entered into my surgery. When I was under my surgery, the Lord came and said to me, “I am the doctor who will cure you of your disease and I will be with you. I will protect you and I will sanctify you”. I looked at him when he was working on my body and removing the cancerous mass, and I said to him: “O father, O affectionate one, don’t leave me, keep me with you and beside you”. I got out of the hospital and I came home, and the results of my tests came out, thanks to the Lord Jesus, my results were good.
Today is the best day of my life. I got baptized and I became a son of the Lord Jesus Christ, to whom be all glory, my beloved, my father, and the master of my whole life, the Lord Jesus Christ.
I want to thank our dear mother Maggie Khozam, who helped me and baptized me and she is helping many people to get baptized and to reach the path of light.

converts-shehadeh-syria-العابر-للمسيحية-شحادة-سوريا– Shehadeh from Damascus
I was born as a Druze, and I am from a non-religious family, and I had no interest in religion at all, and I felt that the whole world around me did not resemble me. For a while, I became attached to the science of energy and the law of attraction and these things. But my life stayed miserable and nothing has changed in me, I accidentally saw a video of her talking about Rami Makhlouf. I liked her style of speech and the way she narrate. I was not aware that we have a journalist in Syria called Maggie Khozam. I entered YouTube and I wrote her name and I start watching her videos one after one. At first, I was watching because I loved her way of explaining and her words, then I became curious to follow you, so I decided to learn more and after that, I watched all her videos and I decided and I said that I should become a Christian. Then a Christian friend from Syria talked to me but she was much older than me, and she was in Germany. It was a long time since she talked to me. I said that since she is a Christian, she will be happy so I told her, she got very happy and she sent me a Bible from Germany, and she made me contact an Egyptian deacon, who she met in Germany, and he goes a lot to Russia and serves there. I contacted him and God arranged for my baptism in a great way. I saw the Lord’s work in front of me. The bishop of an Evangelical church baptized me because the Orthodox didn’t accept to baptize me, especially the Copts in Russia, and I was baptized, and I belong to God.

converts-djwar-syria-العابر-للمسيحية-دجوار-سوريا– Djwar from Afrin
Peace of Christ, my name is Djwar from Syria, I am 23 and I live in Switzerland. I was born a Muslim and for 23 years I have only received curses in my life and in the lives of all my family. But our Lord had a proper time to bring me and my family out of darkness into his holy light. Our Lord put Maggie Khozam in my way, and all her sayings have been fulfilled in my life in every video, God, our Lord, spoke to me, and my life changed completely. I got baptized four months ago, thanks to the Lord, and now I live a holy life, trusting in the Lord of glory, Jesus Christ.

converts-hala-syria-العابرة-للمسيحية-هالة-سوريا– Hala from Damascus countryside
I was raised on beliefs and habits that I did not understand…We had many problems in our lives…No vows could solve them, no prayers, or anything. For a time, we knew the Lord Jesus through my sister, she was sick and no one could cure her but the Lord Jesus. I started to watch and learn from Mother Maggie, and I got discipleship from her, thanks to God. Also, our Lord starts to work in our lives, answer our prayers, and enlighten my heart so that I can see the true path. Yesterday, my mother and I were baptized. Thank you, Lord, glory to your holy name, and may our Lord keep us till the end.

converts-zeina-syria-العابرة-للمسيحية-زينة-سوريا– Zeina from Latakia
My name is Zeina, from an Alawite background. Since my childhood, I had many questions about my religion, about verses in the Quran that clarify that God is unjust and unmerciful, and many contradictions, but I continue reading the Quran. Honestly, I did not feel at peace and every time I heard the call to prayer, I get very afraid. At the same time, my love for Jesus was living inside me since my childhood, I always saw him as a great personality that differs from the rest of the prophets…Most of my friends are Christians, I used to see that their life is different than mine, their thoughts are different from my thoughts. I went through many circumstances, from which our Lord saved me in a blink of an eye, but I didn’t see that because I reached a stage close to atheism. Until I met a Christian man, we loved each other, but he was a Christian by name, but at the same time, he was a very good person. Here, I start my search for the truth, I need to know what is right, and who is the true God, for us to be together, one of us must change their religion. The easiest way in Syria was for him to convert to Islam, but he refused. Here, I felt joy because I was not convinced of Islam. I start searching on the net about the Christian faith. Suddenly I saw a video of Mother Maggie, her words attracted me a lot, and it was something new to me. I start watching video after video for her. I discussed them with him, but he was against this thinking, and we used to reach a close way with our discussions. My faith in the Lord Jesus began to sow in my heart and grow every day…I start reading the Bible and truth after a truth unfolded in front of me…I decided to get baptized out of belief and faith, not for marriage. We start searching for churches to get baptized, but unfortunately, in my governorate, no one accepted to baptize me. There was a single father who agreed, but he was outside the governorate, and it was very difficult for me to travel to him. At this time, we started communicating on WhatsApp, but I felt there was a big difference between his words and the words of Mother Maggie. At this time, I felt lost. I wanted to finish. I was tired. All the bad things happened after each other. Until, one day I was watching a video for Mother Maggie, and she was saying to try and ask the Lord Jesus to show reveal himself in our lives and to believe and trust that he will hear us and that he will respond. On the same day, I knelt and prayed and I cried a lot, and asked God to show me the right way and to make me feel that he is with me, and then I slept.
On that day, I dreamed of the Lord Jesus, he was standing and dressed like a king and his arms were open, I ran and I hugged him. When I woke up, I felt like the happiest person in the world, and since then my whole life changed, I contacted Mother Maggie a lot but I didn’t get any response…During this period, something terrible happened, that the man I love got Coronavirus and he died…After a while, I contacted Mother Maggie and she added me to the discipleship groups. I changed more and my faith increased even more until the day that our Lord honored me and I got baptized. I earned salvation, thanks to the help of our Mother Maggie, this joy that I have never felt before…I thank our Lord because he saved me from slavery, and he accepted me to be his daughter, me the underserving. I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that he will establish me in him till the end, and to use me for the glory of His great name, and to be able to save my family and sisters.

converts-yasser-syria-العابر-للمسيحية-ياسر-سوريا– Yasser from Damascus
I like to share my conversion story; I am a guy like all other guys, I was born in a Muslim family, I read the Quran, I read it hundreds of times and I did not feel any spirituality and it didn’t answer any of my questions. There was always something missing. I attended mosques, Friday prayers, tarawih, and supererogatory prayers till the end of the night, pray but didn’t see an answer to my questions and nothing changed in my life.
When I grew up and became more aware, I tried other sects and rituals, but I did not find myself until I started going to churches, took the Bible, and began reading it. I felt enlightenment, I felt spirituality, I found a thousand answers to my questions, and I knew the true Lord God, Jesus the Savior, without sin, and the Redeemer who sacrificed Himself on the cross to give us life and eternity. I start diving more until our Lord got me to Mother Maggie, I got discipleship on her blessed hands, and I knew what the true faith was, and the thing that I was searching for I found it in Christ who was crucified and rose again from the dead, and he told us: “Whoever believes in me and is baptized will be saved, and if he dies, he shall live. Amen.”

converts-osama-syria-العابر-للمسيحية-أسامة-سوريا– Osama from Latakia
I am Osama from Syria from a strict Muslim family. Since my childhood I loved Christ and felt that he was different from all the prophets mentioned in the Quran, I felt that he was greater than the others. I had many Christian friends who used to say “Jesus” and I say “Issa”, and I thought it was the same in general my life was unhappy and not like I had aspired and planned even though I used to ask and pray and fast during Ramadan and read the Quran, but I didn’t feel that there is a response as if was no one listening to me, and I used to read the Quran just because it is a divine book and that every letter from it gets me 10 good deeds. Until I start searching the Internet for religious topics and heard a lot, and when I knew that there were scientific, historical, and geographical errors, I was shocked and I got more shocked myself that I was reading just for the sake of a religious obligation. I was confused and start searching for the truth and the reality, and Christ stayed in my heart. I entered the Christian websites, and I felt that there was also some loss, and by chance, I saw a video of Mother Maggie Khozam, I watched it and her explanation was convincing and realistic, and it was all from the Bible, that they used to tell us from our childhood that it was distorted. I watched all of her videos that helped me a lot to walk right on the new path, away from new superstitions and worshiping statues, in addition to my reading of the Holy Bible that its verses were always repeating in my mind, even in some verses, when I read them or heard them, I felt a sense of awe and goosebumps. In the end, I asked the Lord Jesus to give me a sign before I started, if he was the truth and the way.
In a dream, I saw a large wooden cross and on it, there was someone like a human, and people were crossing from in front of him to another direction. The Lord Jesus pointed to me so that I could cross, but I said in my heart, I will let my mother pass before me, even though in fact, she does not believe in the Lord Jesus. She crossed and after that, it was as if there was no time for me to cross, but in the dream, I really wanted to crossover, I ran quickly and I crossed to the other side of the cross. On the second day, I contacted Mother Maggie Khozam, and she added me to the discipleship groups, I got baptized and Saved. I hope that my mother will cross in reality and that all my family will too.
You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. Amen.

converts-horia-syria-العابرة-للمسيحية-حوريا-سوريا– Horia from Afrin
I followed the comparisons of religions and I knew that I was worshiping the wrong God, I left Islam and immediately after that, the videos of Mother Maggie appeared in front of me. I watched all her videos and got to know our Lord Jesus Christ and I loved him through her, and I knew that there are sects that do not apply the words of the Lord in the Bible, so I learned how to be a true Christian. I got to know the Lord, he touched my heart and I felt that I was born a new birth I got closer to him because the Islamic God and the Muslims are “Samad” doesn’t hear or respond. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the light of the world. He is the way, the truth, and the life. He redeemed us with his blood. He bore all our sins and mistakes, we the unworthy. I read the Bible, all of it is sacred and it’s impossible to have a greater book than the Holy Bible, it’s the past, present, and future. I believed in it, surrendered my life to the Lord Jesus, and was baptized. May the Lord continue with us till the end, and continue with my family.

converts-ghazi-syria-العابر-للمسيحية-غازي-سوريا– Ghazi from Aleppo
I am from a Sunni Muslim family. I was born in Syria and I lived in Lebanon for a while, at that time I got to know Jesus, and a seed of faith was planted in me. When I grew up and became 16, I saw our Mother Maggie on YouTube, and at the time I watered the word, it became a tree, and I got to know the Lord Jesus. He did miracles in my life and changed it, and he spoke to me through the Bible at that time I decided that I should become (Philemon) on (30/7/2022) I got baptized, it was a Saturday at (2).

Converts of Lebanon

converts-wael-lebanon-عابر-للمسيحية-وائل– I was from the Druze religion, and I also was kind of an atheist like I used to believe in God but I don’t believe in religions, prophets, and these kinds of stories. When I was 14 years old I was about to sleep but I was crying because I was afraid that I will go to Hell. After all, I always felt that I’m not enough to go to heaven. So I asked God and I told him: I don’t know if you are real or not, but if you are real I ask you to show me the right way, or if I am saved by my own works”, so I dreamt that I was in a place full of darkness and I was sitting on the floor with my hands covering my face and I was asking the same question, so after that, someone lay his hands on my shoulder, so I turned and I saw Jesus Christ with a crown on his head and he was wearing all white and it was all light coming from him. And he told me. : “ I am with you don’t be afraid” after that God gave me a lot of dreams until God send me a notification about an episode for the Journalist Maggie khozam and the episode was about “ the difference between Jesus Christ and other false messiahs” from youtube even though I never followed Maggie Khozam videos in my whole life and I didn’t know her before and my youtube notifications were off. After I start watching her episodes I became stronger in faith and she taught me in her discipleship groups and I got baptized and I became a son for the true God.

Converts of Algeria

converts-marwa-algeria-عابر-للمسيحية-مروة– Marwa from Algeria
From a Sunni Muslim sect, my story with Jesus started through a Christian family in France, they taught me, and two days later, I dreamed of Jesus and he was smiling for me.
Then I knew that he is the living God and the right way! My whole life has changed everything I pray to God He always answers my prayers. then I watched videos for Maggie Khozam on Youtube. I got more and more attached to our Lord
Then I had problems because one of my family members noticed that I was watching Maggie khozam and she even threatened me, but God didn’t leave me for a moment. Now I get baptized in his name and have become a daughter of God’s Children and I have earned eternal life.

converts-Iman-Algeria– Iman from Algeria
From an Algerian French family, Sunni Muslims, and Catholic Christians, and both are Muslims and Christians by name only, I grew up knowing nothing about the two religions. All that I knew was that I was born a Muslim, but I had a great love for God. When I was 12 years old, my father left me and my siblings, and this thing hurt me a lot. Every time something happened to me, I remember that I don’t have a father who cares about me, or I compare my situation to someone else, their father lives with them. I cry because of my oppression, and a cross would appear to me on the floor or a wall, a drawing, or a light reflection, and I did not understand. At the same time, my sister, who is older than me, started seeing dreams about the Lord Jesus, and she told me, even though we were very young, but we were talking about what prevents the Christian faith from being true. I grew up and the thought remained in my head and my love for Christ was growing, years passed, and a thousand stories happened in my life as if the devil was distracting you with many things to prevent you from returning to think about the Christian faith. At the age of 24, I used to be surprised every day and say: “O Lord, why I can’t feel, or why I’m feeling this emptiness inside me as if I did not have a soul”, and I told this to my friend, and she said to me, why don’t you pray? so I told her that I don’t know because honestly, I didn’t know, she started laughing at me, how you are a Muslim and you don’t know how to pray. This thing made me learn how to pray and I started praying every day 5 times, and I started to have something very strange. Every time I go to sleep, I see myself opening a door and entering another world. I see a lot of demons torturing people, and this thing kept recurring every day and increases. So, I told my friend, and she said to me: “Go to a Sheikh and tell him, he will guide you”. Indeed, I went to a sheikh, and he told me to read the Quran every day, especially before I sleep, so I started reading it every day, and things became to increase more than they used to be. I couldn’t sleep at night out of fear, and I almost committed suicide. So, I started saying: “O Lord, you do not see what is happening to me. Why are you not hearing me? Lord, I do not have a father to guide me. You are my father according to me, am I not your daughter…does it satisfy you that this thing happens to your daughter”. Although what I said is forbidden in Islam, I told the Lord what I was feeling, and indeed, on that day I slept like children. And I didn’t dream or saw anything, and I woke up in the morning another person, I was very happy and comfortable. So, I decided to start searching to find out what Islam is, because this thing started with me when I start to get closer to Islam. So, I start watching many videos like Brother Rashid and Hamed and others, And I went back to read the Quran, but with more understanding, and every time I was more shocked. How is it possible for a Lord to incite murder, rape, stealing, pedophile, captives, and many other things that make the soul suffocate, so I decided that I will become non-religious. I believed that there was a God, but surely, it’s not the Quran God, and I stayed non-religious for 5 years, and every night I open the window and look at the sky, and say: “O Lord, where are you…are you hearing me…do you know me…or I’m just a number from many people…O lord I love you, do you love me?” I didn’t know that God was standing there listening to me. After a while, my older sister, woke up at night frightened, she was telling me that she saw a dream of a ‘man holding a book, and on the book is written on it the “Holy Bible”, and he was screaming and saying: “This is the right thing, this is the true religion, search for Peter, we did not know who Peter was, so we look it up on the Internet, so it came out that he was a messenger from the Lord’s messengers”. Then in the same week, she had another dream that someone was knocking on the door, so she opened it, and she found the Lord Jesus standing at the door, so he entered and went to the kitchen, so my sister saw me sitting at the table eating, and the Lord Jesus was standing Infront of me, and eating from the same plate. My sister had believed, so she told me the dream and she told me to search the Lord is knocking. On the same day, a video of our Mother Maggie popped out, I didn’t know her, so I saw her video, and I heard her talking about the Lord in a way that hurt me. I was encouraged to start reading the Bible, and as soon as I start reading, I saw a verse, and for the first time, I felt that the Lord was present and that he was listening to me, the verse was: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”. At this time, I cried with all my heart and said: “O Lord, I believe in you, and I don’t need to test you. Who am I to I test you, I’m really ashamed to say, but I have one request, and you can do it, lord, I want the rest of my siblings to believe in you” I didn’t continue my word, and I heard the Lord Jesus talking to me, and he told me: “can you not see, that I’m working with you in order, I couldn’t describe my feeling at that time, the lord that I was shy to test him, he came down in his greatness to talk to me and reassures me. And thanks to the lord that in the same month, all my four siblings believed. Today I was baptized, and the Lord saved me and my younger sister, we the undeserving, and we have become daughters of the Lord, and we have a true father who protects us, my father who said: “Whoever touches you touches the pupils of my eyes”, and he guides us because he is the only way, the truth, and the life. And I did not become a Christian because it was the best option, but because the truth and the Lord pushed his love into my heart. I bought and wear Christ. The treasures of the world cannot buy me, and like what our Mother Maggie said: “I am from Christ and by Christ and to Christ”, Amen.

converts-aya-algeria– Aya from Algeria
I am from a Sunni Muslim father and a Christian mother. Our family is neither fanatic nor religious, I started praying at the age of 19, and then I stopped and get bored because I feel my prayer is for nothing, and I felt that God does not hear me if I asked him as if there was no God. I stopped praying at 23 years old and I became far from religion, and I was afraid to become an atheist. I said maybe because I am far from the Quran, our lord removed his hand from my life, and he is not hearing me. I kept searching and watching explanation videos, and I found strange concepts and strange things, all of them are blasphemy, hatred, detestation, killing, Nikah, and jihad. The strange thing is that the five sects of Islam all have the same way of thinking. I fell into a state of depression, and I was tired, and I was confused with my thoughts, and I became afraid of becoming an atheist. At this time, I entered to get discipleship with Mother Maggie, because from my childhood I love Jesus Christ and I love to know more about him. Despite all my tiredness, I said enough and that I want to understand the Christian faith, so I started listening to worship songs and watching videos of our Mother Maggie, and there were many signs from our Lord, some of them are dreams, some are answers to prayers, and I felt the comfort. All the fear disappeared from the moment I decided to leave Islam and hold on to the Christian religion. I kept searching and I made comparisons between Islam and Christianity, even though I decided to leave Islam, but the devil did not leave me. I was thinking about Islam, and I had a spiritual war, but with this, I did not find anything wrong with the Bible, especially in our Lord Jesus Christ. But Islam has a lot of mistakes to the point of making you reach atheism. I started saying that it’s impossible, our Lord is like that, and as for Muhammad, he is the biggest mistake. While our Lord is righteous and close to us, but we are the ones who are away from him. I start studying and I spent two months in this situation and then I decided to be baptized. For the second time I dreamed that there was a war and an explosion while I was running and, on the way, I met a pregnant woman. I helped her and I kept telling her to make the sign of the cross and the woman was Muslim. When I woke up, I found myself repeating the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I felt this dream was a sign from our Lord, which means a new birth with Christ…
-I was indeed tired, but I had to walk the way to Calvary, and I was confident that there is a resurrection. I continued in this way, I studied the Trinity, and I understood and believed in the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ,
-And on Saturday, October 9, before my baptism, the same fear that was with me came back and there was a voice telling me to stop. Of course, I did not hear it although I was afraid. I was baptized and overcame Satan and all the fear that was present disappeared in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And really, I got a new birth  “You who have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.”  (Thanks to our Lord, who enlightened my life with his presence, and thanks to our Mother Maggie who was the cause of my salvation and the salvation of souls, and I ask our Lord, to enlightens the path of everyone who doesn’t believe in him and gives him understanding. And I advise every Muslim to search for the truth and who is the Lord that they are worshiping. Our Lord does not humiliate and does not torment, the Lord God is all love, and we are his children, and not slaves. We are from him, and he is in us (the Holy Spirit)  And as he guided me, I pray he guides everyone to his way.

converts-sarah-and-her-mother-algeriahoda-العابرة-سارة-وأمها-الجزائر– Sarah and her mother from Algeria
In 2019, I went to America for my treatment, and on Christmas, I liked to attend the liturgy in the church out of view, and I already stopped praying for my ex-religion for no reason. I attended the liturgy, and I was greatly affected and felt a strange feeling and started crying. Then I mistakenly did the communion with them in the church, I didn’t know that it was not permissible to do that, and when I came home suddenly my eyes were opened: (we cannot eat the body of the lord, and nothing changes in us, the bread for communion is really the body of the lord) I hope that our Lord Jesus will forgive me for this sin that I did, but this sin allowed me to know and follow him. I found videos that reveal the truth of Islam and I sent them to my mom on WhatsApp and she watched them, and both of us were convinced that there is something wrong with this religion. After that, I found videos for our mother Maggie Khozam, I heard them, and I sent them to my mom, and we were convinced that the Lord Jesus is the only true God, the living God that has no other god before him or after him and there will never be. The Holy Bible is one and everything else is fake. We believed in the Lord Jesus, and I asked him as a gift that I would win the lottery for immigration to America, and I was actually chosen. Also, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to my mother in a dream, and he said to her: “My tithe” because she wasn’t convinced when I asked her to give me her tithes so I can pay. Since then, we always pay our tithes, so we don’t steal the lord, as our mother Maggie taught us. Our Lord Jesus bless you Mother Maggie, and we thank you with all our hearts our dear mother. We thank the Lord Jesus that he put you in our way so that we might attain salvation and rise from darkness to light. Hallelujah, glory is the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the name that is above every name, Amen.

converts-mostafa-algeriahoda-العابر-مصطفى-الجزائر– Mostafa from Algeria
I was Muslim from a religious Muslim family, pray and fast, I loved spirituality a lot, and I was always curious to know more about God and the spiritual world. When I grew up, the arrogance and contempt for other religions grew with me (we are right and the others are going to hell). This was the only thing I hear and see in front of me, so I had no choice. One day I found myself following a Christian page that I had never seen before, so I found some Christian posts showing me (pictures of Christ, verses from the Bible). Out of curiosity, I entered the comment section and saw a large number of Muslims cursing, so my only job became to curse on Christians and make them infidels and mock their beliefs, Not to mention the arguments (copy-paste) from the internet, I told my friends and I brought all of them to the page just to make fun of Christianity. But the Christian brothers’ answers were all love and respect, and none of them offended me with a word, the only thing they said was (I invite you to read the Bible, so you will know the truth, and God bless you). After a while, I started searching for more logical arguments to succeed in supporting Islam in front of them, so I started reading the Bible to find what I used against them. When I started reading, I was surprised that the Gospel is the life of Christ from the day of his birth to his Resurrection, I watched the movie of Christ and it was identical to the Bible, and this has prompted me to go on a long search about Christ. After months, I became sure that the Bible could not be touched by distortion as I had claimed, and I was 100% confident that Jesus Christ is the only way to the kingdom, or in other words, I fell in love with Christ and became in love with his personality. From here I said if Christ is the truth, then where did Islam come from? Here I began a neutral search journey about Islam and its roots, and after a long period of research, I clashed with all the lies and disgust that the Muslim sheikhs hid from us about Mohammad and all the bloody history of Islam. So, I regretted every day and every moment I was praising and praying to the Islamic God and his prophet, so I left Islam and surrendered to Jesus Christ all my life and declared Him to be my Lord and Savior… When I believed in Christ, I wanted to start my Christian life, so I searched for the methods of praying and fasting, so there was great confusion and many ways in front of me due to the multiplicity of churches. I remember the first day I wanted to pray. I searched for a way to pray on a Catholic website. I found myself praying for more than one person, the Virgin Mary, the saints, and the angels, then the Lord, so I felt that I was doing something wrong. I knelt on the ground and prayed to the Lord and said to him, “Lord, I believe in you and I know that you are the way, but Lord, there is great confusion and I am alone here and I don’t know who to follow. Lord, you lead me and bring the right person in my life so that he teaches me how to pray to you and be with you”. After the prayer in the evening, I saw a video for Mother Maggie Khozam for the first time in my life, it was about the intercessions of the saints, so I watched the video and I was very impressed by the way she presented the topic and her words. From the first video I watched, I learned how to pray and how our prayers are all to the Lord only, and from my admiration, I watched more than one video and start following her, and thanks to her, I can live a true Christian life and enjoy every moment with the Lord alone.
I thank the Lord for Mother Maggie because she taught me about the Christian faith and held my hand and got me out of the confusion and the wrong worship that I was in and put my hands in the hands of Christ. After two years of faith, I got discipleship from Mother Maggie and I get baptized on 28/04/2022, and I belong to Christ.

converts-omar-and-his-wife-dalida-algeriahoda-العابر-عمر-و-زوجته-داليدا-الجزائر– Omar and his wife Dalida _ Algeria
I am from Syria, from a Sunni Muslim background, from a religious family. I used to fast and pray because of the insistence of my family to commit to the religion, but without conviction, and I had Muslim and Christian friends, but I was felt the spirit of honesty, loyalty, and true love from my Christian friends, and from here was the starting point for me to start searching for the difference between Islam and Christianity. A search that lasted for more than three years, also I was watching the videos of Mother Maggie Khozam, and her videos answered all the questions I had, and no one knew how to answer them, and I read the Bible, at that time I felt great peace in my life, which I did not sense before, clear and understandable words and it’s all love, and I had a complete conviction that the Lord Jesus Christ is the true Lord, the way, the life, and the Savior, all glory be to him. I got discipleship with Mother Maggie in the Lord’s Church; may God bless her life and her service. I thank our Lord who brought me out of darkness to the true light, and today my wife and I were baptized and we got salvation, and may God keep us to the end.
I pray for all people, may God enlighten their hearts and eyes, so that they may know the true Lord and get salvation before it is too late, because salvation is in no one else.

converts-zainab-algeria-العابرة-زينب-الجزائر– Zainab from Algeria
I am born a Muslim, I thank the Lord for the baptism it was like a beautiful gift, and it was not a coincidence that the Lord chose me to be baptized in the mountains of Tizi Ouzou. Thanks to the Lord Jesus, I heard from one of the episodes of our Mother Maggie, that if I ask and pray in the name of Jesus, I will receive. Indeed, after the trouble of ten years of thinking between religions and searching for the Lord, I entered into a great depression, but the Lord wanted me to see the video of Our Mother Maggie and it was on 01/01/2021 and I continued to follow the videos and I was praying in the name of Jesus and I felt the love of Jesus and that he is very close to me. By the grace of the Lord, I did not complete the year without becoming a disciple, and I did not complete a year of discipleship till I got baptized, and thanks to the Lord he kept me in faith, I continued my discipleship and I got baptized on 3/25/2022 and it was a new birth.
Thanks to Mother Maggie, she is a blessing from the hand of the Lord Jesus, the daughter of the Lord, who introduced me to Jesus, the true God.
Through Mother Maggie’s videos, I knew that no god except the true God is one in his word, what is allowed is allowed forever, and forbidden is forbidden forever, a one teaching without a fatwa, because God is true and the Christian home is sacred in the Bible with the Lord without fatwas that break up the family.

Converts of Egypt

converts-imad-egypt-عابر-للمسيحية-عماد– I was curious to search for who Christ is in the Bible and the curiosity turned into a state of attachment and an aversion to Islam. When I read the Bible, my psychological pain increased and I tried repeatedly to commit suicide, and when I no longer had resistance I said, Lord, save me from what I am in. Then I slept and I woke up to a voice saying To me, do not be afraid because I am with you, I accepted Christ the same day in a Christian room on the Paltalk.
It was difficult to communicate with any church in Egypt because of the persecution of Muhammad’s followers to them, until I was guided to the daughter of God Maggie Khozam, who discipleship me. My family knew, and I entered a compulsory bed retreat for about a month with pain in my body mixed with prayers until the date of my baptism came last week and I was baptized And I attained sonship.

converts-eman-egypt-العابرة-إيمان-مصر– Eman from Egypt
I am a law graduate from an Egyptian religious family. I used to listen to Islamic religious channels that invaded all Egyptian homes in the 2000s, and I began to have doubts when I start listening to them so I delved deeper into religion (I was in high school at the time), and I saw hatred and wickedness toward me as a woman or on anyone different or who doesn’t believe I, Muhammad. I used to see God as a tyrannical and unjust God, and I used to hate Muhammad from the inside, because of his dishonorable and inhumane manners, but I was not able to tell anyone, and when I studied at a Sharia university, the doubts increased more and I start feeling alienated, so I started following pages for atheists and Ahmed Deedat, I also watched YouTube debates, and I searched so I decided to be Quranic, and I said that maybe the fault in the hadiths and it could be the one who distorted Muhammad because I was afraid to leave Islam and it might be true.
But after that, I wasn’t internally comfortable and I felt that I was a hypocrite, because the hadiths, books of Fiqh, Fiqh’s novels, and biography books are an explanation of the Quran and interpretation for it. The important thing is that after I heard the Fund of Islam program, I hated Muhammad more than I hated him before. His program condemned me for the audacity to leave Islam, but I wanted a spiritual way to connect me to our Lord. It is not possible that he created us like that for nothing. I was very tired and cried a lot to let me know him. I found a voice inside me saying, read the Bible, search, I read the first chapter of Mathew. I felt inner peace, my God, that I had never known or felt before, and I learned how to love our Lord after I was afraid of him before. I used to be forced to pray for him out of fear and not out of love as I’m doing now, and I decided to get baptized 3 years ago, and it was the best decision I made.
About two months after my baptism, I started listening to Mother Maggie Khozam, I loved her very much and her words affected me and entered my heart very quickly, and today I remained a part of the Lord’s church and I joined it.

converts-fathy-egypt-العابر-للمسيحية-فتحي-مصر– Fathy from Egypt
I am 70 years old, and I thank the Lord for all his blessings on me. The Lord Jesus Christ is my Lord, my God, and my Savior.
Shortly, I got to know the Lord Jesus for the first time when I was in America through my Boss, and his name was Bob. He was an ex-Jew and a convert to Christianity, and he believes a lot in Christ. I was exposed to some difficult situations and I reached the stage of depression. Bob told me: “the solution is in Christ”, so I told him, “How is this?”. He began to explain to me everything about Christ, and I accepted Christ, especially since I always had many doubts about this religion “Islam” and its strange contradictions and beliefs that no respectable person would accept.
Shortly, Bob introduced me to a pastor in charge of a church in Indiana, where I lived and he brought me an English Bible. Then Bob brought me an English Arabic Bible. About a month later, I was baptized by this priest. It was an unforgettable day in my life and I kept reading the Bible. All of this happened in 2002.
After that, I returned to Cairo, Egypt in 2004
The first thing my wife asked for was a divorce and I tried, of course, to convince her, but it was of no use. The divorce happened, and of course, all my siblings were informed. For them, my conversion is considered a scandal, and my siblings have informed all of my uncles and my relatives. But I insisted on my position that no matter what happens, I will not leave Christ and our Lord will be with me. Indeed, our Lord saved me from very many things, thanks to his care for me, despite all kinds of persecutions that I was subjected to, they asked me to leave the house, because it is not okay for me and my ex-wife to live in the same apartment, and my ex-wife gave me two days to manage myself, but I was sure that Jesus would not leave me. I did not know where to go except the streets, but I was surprised that after a few days my ex-wife told me that I can sit in the apartment, but in a separate room, for the sake of the children.
I am the father of two daughters and a son, and by the way, this topic doesn’t make a difference with them at all, and they love me very much until this moment.

Converts of Tunisia

converts-اhaifa-tunisia-عابرة-للمسيحية-هيفاء– My story with Jesus started when I got married to a Christian and I challenged my family because I am a Muslim and because of the commitment I saw from my husband and the sincerity and non-betrayal that I didn’t see in Muslims, I thought that I will convert him to Islam. After that, my family start putting pressure on me and told me that I’m committing adultery with him. And I must let him become a Muslim or divorce him, and marry a Muslim man. It was a difficult decision because we have kids and I am attached to him. I got depressed because I want to divorce him and I gave him a choice to become a Muslim or leave him. I also told him if you love me, you have to convert to Islam because I don’t want to go to hell because of you, and then he told me to give him one miracle for Muhammad and I will convert to Islam! I had a challenge and I also prayed an Islamic prayer and knelt, and I said, Lord, show him the truth because I don’t want to divorce him, and I start looking on the internet if there are verses from the bible about Muhammad as the Sheikhs of Islam say, but I didn’t find anything and by the way, it was my first time opening the bible cause they fear us from it. I didn’t know that the bible has that big amount of God’s love in it and the true God’s word. because the Quran didn’t touch my heart and it also has a lot of scary words and words you can’t understand but I used to read it only because of fear.
The important is that in my search journey I couldn’t find anything but instead, I found the opposite. and I did a comparison between Muhammed and Jesus, between a holy and a person full of sin and shame like for example Aisha that Muhammad married at 8 years old and his terrorist missions. so I said how I am like that? after that I asked my husband that I want to get discipleship and get baptized and my journey starts with Jesus and the happiness that I felt, then I knew that my husband every time he goes to church he used to pray for me to not perish when I was Muslim I used to ask him to pray for me when he goes to the church during occasions because God hears from you, and In my mind that Jesus is alive as it is written in the Quran and Muhammad is dead. after all, I started my discipleship journey and it took months and I was so happily excited that I want to get baptized and I want to know more about Christ and to know what is salvation.
My depression is gone and I that god that now I’m living piece and my husband and I life is for God. I’m suffering from problems with my family but I don’t care because my happiness with Jesus in eternal life is more important.

converts-rond-tunisia-العابرة-روند-تونس– Rond from Tunisia
I am Rond from Tunisia, I am 22 years old. I was a Muslim, I pray and fast, but I did not feel the presence of the Lord in my life. I felt that he is a God very far from me and I cannot reach him no matter what I do. I started searching for the Lord in 2018. The conflicting in the Quran about the fate of Christians and Jews brought to my attention, some verses say they are the people of the remembrance, and we have to respect them and verses that say that they are infidels, and they will perish, so I said how can the Lord change his decisions. I was very shocked by the facts I found about Muhammad and how Islam began, and I was very disappointed because I was living in a lie. Then I started looking into Christianity because I had always seen it as a religion of peace and love, and I read a lot and it comforted me very much, the idea that Christ came to die in our place to save us from death sentence due to sin. I felt at that time that there was real meaning to my life, and I began to read the Bible, but despite that, there was still doubt within me and fear that this too would be a lie and a human act. Then one day I prayed and cried in front of the lord, and I asked him to give me any sign or a mark or anything that would reassure me and prove to me that he is truly the way, the truth, and the life as the bible says. The Lord did not leave me, but he responded to me, and he dealt with me through a dream where there was a voice from heaven calling me and telling me: “follow me, do not be afraid, I am the way”. I believed in the Lord Jesus Christ from that moment and my life changed completely.

converts-nour-tunisia-العابرة-نور-تونس– Nour from Tunisia
When I was 16 years old, I asked my mother about Christ because I had heard many things about him and he was special, so I asked her why Christians believe that he is a Lord. Coincidentally, my mother told me that she believes in Christ since last year. She was amazed that I asked her, so she was encouraged to tell me about her testimony. I was very happy and felt peace when I knew that he had died for our sins, she gave me a Bible, only the new testament edition, I read Mathew and kept searching. I liked the character of Christ, but I had no faith or relationship with him, so I decided to open my heart, but I felt that I was alone as a Christian and there were no people with me. Despite that, I discovered his great love and overcame my loneliness, and decided to make sure that Christ is truly God, and he came to save me and save the world. One night I prayed, and I saw a dream that had a long story, I will shorten it. I was in my house and there were a lot of demons in it, and they were breaking everything that was blocking them. I was very afraid, so I surrendered, and at that moment I remembered that I could have help from one savior who promised that he will protect us from death. I got up and looked at all the demons without fear and screamed in the name of Christ Jesus. And told them, “now you leave this house, and you don’t come back”, So they all ran away, and I woke up crying from joy. I felt that our Lord had given me authority over them because since I was a kid, I had feared from them and I felt free from chains. At the same moment, I decided to give my life to the lord.
One day, I went to the church for the first time, and I saw that there were many Christians, so I got happy. But my dad knew about this two years ago, so he prevented me from going out with my mother and the persecution began. But I kept finding excuses to go, and I got baptized, but there were a lot of problems in the church, and I did not go back to it and decided to read the Bible by myself. I was happy, but I needed a real church for me to rely on. I watched a lot of Mother Maggie’s videos, and I followed her a year ago and got to know Christ in a clearer image. I was encouraged to communicate with her, and today she added me to the Lord’s Church.

converts-hoda-tunisia-العابرة-هدى-تونس– Hoda from Tunisia:
All my life I was close to God as a Creator, and I felt that he is our Father. I was not inclined to Islamic laws, especially the Great Eid and the Islamic prayer…About 10 years ago, I was 38, I became very religious, and all my concern was to preserve my prayer. I was sad because I was alienated from the way of prayer. I was trying to maintain the prayer and I wore the hijab, but I felt heavy, and I was always asking “Lord save me” even though I didn’t know anything At that time, about the Christian faith. One day I missed the Maghrib prayer, I cried with all my heart and said, O Lord, I bow down to you in my soul. What is the benefit of praying with movements, I felt a feeling that I never felt before in my life, strange peace…And then, videos that criticize Islam and the prophet Mohammad start appearing to me, and the strange thing is that I did not feel jealousy for this religion or its Prophet, and I started watching Christian channels…Shortly, I got the Gospel, and when I reached the verses when Christ was talking with the Samaritan woman, I knew that the Gospel is true because it answered my prayers, when I said “I bow down to you in my soul”. I often watched the stories of converts, and after I accepted Christ and confessed his work on the cross, on the same night I dreamed that he was in the sky looking at me and smiling, and it was like the end of days on earth, and with his eyes, he told me, “You are with me, do not be afraid”. From that time to this day, I went through many tests, through which the Lord proved to me that he is always with me, no matter how difficult the circumstances are, and he guided me spiritually during this period…And he put Mother Maggie on my way through YouTube and he spoke to me through her in the episode “tithes”.
I was baptized and I remained to Christ, all the glory to his blessed name.

converts-somaya-tunisia-العابرة-سمية-تونس– Somaya from Tunisia
My story with the Lord began in childhood when I used to talk to him, I loved him with all my heart. Then the days passed, and I was shocked when I reached adolescence by the absence of God’s work in the reality of my Muslim community. Then my relationship with the Lord was shaken for years until it completely collapsed, I even immigrated to study in the United States. There I got to know the Christian Arab community, most of whom were not supportive. So, I decided to research and scrutinize the stories of this community, until I got to know the spiritual Mother Maggie Khozam and many other sources, and my spiritual dryness quenched. I accepted the challenge and I prayed in the name of the Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ, and I gave him my life because he was responsive. I am very pleased to be reunited with the Lord.

Converts of Yemen

converts-arwa-yemen-عابرة-للمسيحية-أروى-اليمن– Arwa from Yemen
I knew that Islam is false, and I found things that are not acceptable, so I became an atheist, and I stayed atheist for a very long time. until the Lord touched my heart. I left Yemen and said, “Lord, if you want to know you, make my way forward so that I can know you, and if you want to tell me that Islam is true, let me go back because I can’t accept it, and it’s better for me if I stayed as an atheist. Of course, I meant the God of Christianity, I traveled and after my travel, for a while, I had an accident, two days later one of my friends asked me to go to church with her. I said to her:” how can I walk and I can’t even enter the bathroom”. She Said:” pray”. I said to myself:” If I got out from bed tomorrow, and I went to the church. I will hold you and never leave you”. I slept, and when I woke up, I was able to walk and went to the church. It was the first time I entered a church. I was very happy.
From here, my journey with the Lord Jesus Christ began. I was baptized. The day of my baptism was in the winter, and it was 5 am. The water was not hot, but very cold. So I said, “Lord, you have brought me to this day. You alone can warm me.” I was baptized and I felt as the lord was warming me, I didn’t feel cold. I thank God and I hold on to the lord because he is my savior.

Converts of Palestine

converts-majida-palestine-عابرة-للمسيحية-ماجدة-فلسطين– Majida From Palestine
I was from a Muslim family, I was feminist and atheist because I saw how women are humiliated in Islam. Then I began to study the comparison between Islam and Christianity, But I was still afraid to enter another religion, even though I saw the light and love in Christ. At the beginning of the year, I was beaten by my parents and I decided to end my life. At this moment, I saw Christ and he was giving me his hand. I accepted Christ in my life at that moment and I began to study the bible, and I became stronger in faith to the point that I could not hide my faith anymore. I declared it among my family but they didn’t accept me, I got tortured a lot by my family to deny Christ but far be it from me to glory except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. I left my family and Maggie Khozam was in her faith and her words a companion for me this whole time.

converts-dina-from-palestine-العابرة-للمسيحية-دينا-من-فلسطين– Dina from Palestine
That is my convert story after a long pain. The appearance of Christ was when I was twenty years old, but they told me that it was an angel. So I start getting closer to God, but with Islamic rituals, and then I had a sudden travel, which was not with prior knowledge, I never left Palestine before, and I suffered on my trip. My brother and his family were traveling with me, the pressures began, when I removed my hijab, and the problems ended with estrangement and hatred. The decision to get baptized was for a worldly reason, but thanks to the Lord and because of my love for Christ from my childhood without knowing the reason, the Lord showed himself in my life, to be an eternal spiritual baptism and a crossing to the path of truth. After the baptism, I began to ask the Lord questions that I had not asked before, to ask requests that I had not asked before, and ask him to reveal everything that is hidden from me, and I knew that Christianity is the true and the right religion.

Converts of Jordan

converts-rakan-jordan-عابر-للمسيحية-راكان– Rakan from Jordan
I am a convert from a Muslim background. Two years ago, I was a religiously committed man to the duties required of me in mosques.
I was a seeker for the Lord God, Despite my commitment and closeness to Islam, but there was no peace inside me, I always felt afraid of God, I felt not giving much to him, living in problems, praying without an answer, living without a guarantee that I will enter heaven. There was always something inside me telling me to learn about Christianity, and of course, I refused because of the picture that is given to us, which is that the Bible is distorted so no need to work and get tired in an incorrect search, and through the sites, I found deep wrong things in Islam, and this made me become in between an Atheist and a Muslim, because of my deep problems and of a situation with a Christian person, I decided to know and search about Christ, and my Goal is God and to be with God. After searching and the help from people, the Lord blesses them, and our mother Maggie has an influence on me during my research. I got discipleship and got baptized and became a Christian.
I have now transformed from a lost slave living alone with his problems caused by my old religion to a son who returned to his father, from a person who used to live in disease to a person that the Lord healed him, from a person who does not know forgiveness to a forgiving person, from a person who is abandoned to the son of a king. I felt Christ work in my life after I believed I began to feel the presence of the Lord in my life.
There are many words in my heart and experiences with the Lord that make me feel deeply sad about myself for the wasted time away from our Lord and the people around me… I thank you, Lord, for the blessings given to me the unworthy.

converts-adnan-jordan-عابر-للمسيحية-عدنان-الأردن– Adnan from Jordan
Islam in my view, as an ex-Muslim, has all illogical things, things that are against reason, logic, and even humanity. And we should have blind faith in it, on the pretext that thinking about religious matters leads to disbelief. In my opinion, if God wants us to believe blindly, he wouldn’t create us with a mind to think. Therefore, I was always thinking, researching, and trying to understand but to no avail, until I gave up on Islam and decided to search for Christianity.
One day, I saw an episode for our mother Maggie Khozam, and I saw how strong she is in Christ, and for every question, she had a strong answer and a clear and convincing answer from the Bible. Honestly, I was comforted by her words and her answers, and I felt that she was speaking the truth, and I felt that I wanted to hear more and more. And I finished and heard all the episodes, and in each episode, I was more comfortable, I was happy and I felt closer to the truth more. Our mother Maggie Khozam, always tells us to read the Holy Bible, I opened the site and started reading the New Testament. It didn’t take me much time till I start to believe in the true faith that Jesus Christ ((cannot be just a human being or just a prophet))
Jesus Christ is a true living God, Jesus is our Lord and Savior, he redeemed us with His pure blood, he loved us, and paid the price for our sins, to save us from eternal torture.
I loved him with all my heart and mind, and I made the decision to be with him forever, so I get discipleship and I got baptized, and today I am with our mother Maggie in the Lord’s church, and I am ready to die for the name of Christ and I will never leave him.
I pray to our Lord to open the eyes of my family and my loved ones and all people to the truth and save their souls from destruction. Amen.

converts-farah-jordan-عابرة-للمسيحية-فرح-الأردن– Farah from Jordan
In 2016, I left the Islamic religious rituals, because since 2007 I have been praying without any response, till a day Christian people visited me and I asked them:” what is the benefit of the idea of God if he doesn’t respond, and the scourge will increase every time you raise your hand to pray for him”, they said to me: “pray right”, pray in the name of the son, so the father can respond to you. I ignored what they said. A year passed and I had an exam that I was not able to study for, and before I entered I remembered their words, and in my, heart I said the Lord’s prayer as they taught me, I opened my phone and read four topics quickly, I entered the oral exam, I take an exam paper and it was same topics, I succeeded and the rest failed. This was the first gift from God to me. I said:” is that possible, of course, it’s just a coincidence, and the days passed, till I dreamed of something very strange, I saw Jesus christ photo in a golden frame, above the picture, there were words on the whole wall in golden letters that looks like Arabic, but not Arabic, and beside the picture a door, and a voice told me to enter, then I woke up, so I asked a friend who was the one who got me out of my previous faith, and now he is in the lord’s church, he told me to start watching Madame Maggie, I kept procrastinating, and say “who is that lady?” I stayed like that for 6 months, I didn’t watch her, and he was trying with me and didn’t leave me, In the end, I start watching, and everything changed, and I continued and I started to take discipleship, I got baptized and today I am in the lord’s church.
Every time I say our father who art in heaven, my prayer always get fulfilled, the strongest example is when the door closed in my face and I prayed, and I didn’t pray that much, because I know that God is with me, and this was before my baptism, and within two days I get 12000 euros. My story does not contain sadness and sorrow, it has stability, calmness, and trust. I have never said: “our Father who arts in heaven” and he did not hear me. he revealed himself to me, he heard my voice, I didn’t need to cry, I just told him about what is in my heart, and he gave me hope, peace, and comfort, he removed bad people from my life and showed me so many facts, God doesn’t leave anyone, when we pray in his real name, Amen.

converts-lara-jordan-عابرة-للمسيحية-لارا-الأردن– Lara from Jordan
I got acquainted with Christian people in my work, so I asked them for a Bible, so that I can search for the name Ahmed or Muhammad, and prove that Islam is the right religion.
I was surprised that nothing was mentioned about Muhammad, and I got addicted to reading the Holy Bible and reflecting the character of Jesus Christ, which shows that He wasn’t a normal prophet or just a human.
But I was hesitant and went back to reading the Qur’an, and I was shocked by the verses of killing, stoning and terrorism that I had been blind to.
And after researching in the books of Islam and certain TV shows, I decided to escape from this criminal, murderous, and lunatic god who sees me as a mere nakedness, as one who lacks in wisdom and fails in religion, to the God of holiness and miracles, who knew my heart and loved me first, and invited me to the eternal life with him.
And one day I watched a video by Madam Maggie, it was the first time I saw her, she touched my heart with her words, and with her I found the answers to all my questions.
Afterwards, the LORD has shown me a dream, in which I was walking alone in a long, dark, twisted and wearisome road, filled with disturbing people, and at its end was madam Maggie, she was preaching to the people about the LORD Jesus in front of armed men, from which she pulled me.
I made the decision and sent a letter to Madam Maggie so that she would disciple me.
And the journey began with a loving Heavenly Father who feels me and intervenes in the right time to save me from the persecutions of my family and my mother, who said to me: If you do not despise the name of Jesus and believe in the Messenger Muhammad, “The most honored in all creation“, you’d only need one knife stroke. But I held on to my faith more and prayed with tears, and the LORD Jesus answered and was glorified in my life and compensated me with my spiritual mother Maggie.
And she said to me: “You are my daughter, and I, for Christ, gave birth to you, and I promise to stay with you till the end.”
And she helped me to get baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, one God. Amen.
This is my story in a nutshell, and I pray that the LORD Jesus uses me for the glory of His name, and to be the reason behind the salvation of many souls till the time of His coming.

converts-magdalene-jordan– Magdalene from Jordan
When I was a kid, I did not understand or care about the topic of religions, and I used to think a lot, why do followers of the Christian faith wear better clothes? Why are their holidays better and more elegant? There was also a movie that attracted me a lot, and I used to always watch it, the movie talks about the story of the Lord Jesus Christ, to Him be all the glory. I used to watch it since I was a kid, even my Muslim family didn’t know that this story that I’m watching is different than the Islamic story. Even I didn’t know that, and its effect will come to the simplest reasons when our Lord chooses.
I grew up in a broken Islamic family and I lived a very difficult childhood, one good day and ten not. The Lord Jesus Christ took care of me, and he had mercy on me, even when I was from a different religion. To Him be all the glory, with many events and situations that are difficult to describe in few lines. I was like that, until the Lord Jesus Christ, to Him be all glory, began to be glorified and come in my dreams. The last dream of him, he was giving me grapes, then the Lord gave me permission to wake up and start searching. When I start searching, our Lord opened the door and he put people in my way to hold my hand, including the wonderful Maggie Khozam, and the believers that are with her, to put me on the path of the Lord, to Him be all glory. Our stories with the Lord can’t be described in words or few lines. And here he has authorized and completed the blessing of his salvation with me, and I was baptized today, October 6, 2021. Thank you, Lord, and accept our prayers for everyone who helped us and extended a helping hand to save us.

converts-hiba-jordan– Hiba from Jordan
I grew up in a religiously moderate Muslim family, but at the same time, it was forbidden to ask questions. I was one of the memorizers of the Quran and the people who spend every night praying and I fasted all the “Nawafels”. But In my life, I never lived in peace, and I always lived Within an intellectual struggle, and I want to know the answers to my questions.
Despite my fear, I decided to be brave and search and here I started discovering something completely different, so I left Islam and decided to be non-religious, only believing in the existence of God who does not interfere in our matters. But my exile situation was getting worse day after day, till I fell ill with a disease that has no cure and here my life started to get worse and worse, and one day I reached death and the doctors lost hope, but the Lord did not allow anything to happen to me before he revealed Himself. I was crying, devastated, and determined to end my life. The Lord sent me a converted daughter of Christ from Islam. She introduced me to the Lord Jesus, and here my life changed. I believed in the Lord Jesus and everything in my life changed. I started a new story different from my old one, its title is Jesus Christ, who gave me a new life, he taught me to forgive and love, he let me forget all my pain and replaced it with great peace.
I was discipled and baptized and today I am a Christian.

converts-Basil-jordan-العابر-للمسيحية-باسل-الأردن– Basil from Jordan
When you are lost and feel that the world is closed on your face, trust completely that there is a divine message that will come to you to lead you to the way. You will hear something that makes you feel that it’s directed to you and detailed to your problem, and you are the one meant not anyone else.
I got this indication through our Mother Maggie, I watched a video for her on Facebook, and it was as if the video was talking about me, so I followed her and started watching all of her videos until I sent her a message that I wanted to get discipleship and get baptized, and she discipled and baptized me.
We thank the Lord who sent our Mother Maggie to my life. She was the reason for my salvation and taking me to the way of light, the way of the Lord.

the-converts-moses-jordan-العابر-للمسيح-موسى-الأردن– Moses from Jordan
The first thing is that I have a friend of Armenian origin, we were friends from ninth grade till now. Of course, I was affected by him a lot, and I noticed the difference between him and Muslims. Then, when he started telling me about Jesus Christ, I started thinking and my feelings led me to Jesus and I saw that Christians aren’t like Muslims, a large portion of them have a pure heart, and I started thinking about the European people, and how they live in grace, not like Arabs, and their percentage of Christians is greater than the Arabs. When I start to watch Mother Maggie, I understood everything, and I believed in Jesus, and I waited day by day to be baptized.
I am very disgusted with how Muslims think, I feel that it’s stupid because the Quran is clearly not from God, even the correct and scientific stories are copied from the old testament. In addition, I wasn’t convinced by Muhammad because he died like any other human being, while the Lord Jesus Christ, rose from the dead. Now, I am a son of God, I got discipleship and baptized, and you have a great favor, Mother Maggie.

converts-sherine-and-her-children-jordan-العابرة-للمسيحية-شيرين-وأولادها-الأردن– Sherine and her three children from Jordan
I was a Muslim, and if I talk about the reason for my conversion, I won’t finish, however, I might write a book about that, but I will speak briefly and pray to the Father in the name of Jesus Christ that my testimony will be a reason for the salvation of many souls.
I converted to Christ because he is the truth. After forty years of being deceived, I found the truth, Forty years of my life and the Islamic religion was humiliating me until I reached very harsh circumstances that can get the stone to cry. I prayed and prayed to the Islamic God and he didn’t answer me. I was completely committed to this worship and this duty, but I met only calamity after calamity until I denied this Allah and left this religion and began to pray, saying: “O my creator, where are you, who created me on this earth, where are you? Guide me to you and take my hand to the light of truth. who are you? Are you Allah or are you, Jesus? If you Jesus, the true Lord guide me to you, and don’t leave me”. I cry and pray like this until he came to me and guided me to him. My brother and then Mother Maggie was the first reason for this, who had the greatest merit. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, thankful for my acceptance and salvation, for me and my children, as I got discipleship on her hands, I was baptized and my children were baptized with me today, and we became for Christ.

Converts of Iraq

converts-Raghad-Iraq– Raghad from Iraq
The first vision of Christ was in 1995. In the dream, he said, “O Raghad, if you want to know about me, my 12 disciples have the truth.”. Then I saw him in 2001. He saved me from certain death. Then the messages continued from him. Then my daughter saw him, and she was 13 years old, and he called her by her name, she asked him “who are you?” and he answered her “I am Jesus Christ, tell your mother that I love her”. Then he appeared to my three- to a four-year-old son. It lasted for more than a year and my son was talking about Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. So, that the nursery school asked me: “Do you read the Bible at home because your son talks a lot about him”, I replied: “No we are Muslims”. And the messages continued till the end of 2019, and I start to watch our Mother Maggie videos. Coincidentally, a sweet voice said Maggie, the daughter of Heaven, learn from her and you will be with her one day. I asked the Lord to rest my soul, I told him: “I love you, Lord, give me a sign, O Lord, I’m tired from the feeling that the Islamic religion is not your way”. And as I’m saying that a bird passed by, I had never seen this beauty in my life. My tongue spoke and said: “Holy Spirit” (I had a witness who saw that he was afraid, and he couldn’t handle it). Because the sky was lit, and it was nighttime. In the same moment, I said: “Christ is God” and I believed, then I was opening YouTube, and I saw our Mother Maggie speaking in the light of the lord about the Holy Spirit, and my true faith began. This is a message for sister Maggie: The Lord loves you a lot and he calls you the school of faith, and I testify about you in front of the Lord, that you had a great role in my faith because of your simple spiritual message, that you deliver it to the soul before the heart. Thank you, sister Maggie.

converts-ahmed-iraq– Ahmed from Iraq
Since I was young, our neighbors were Christians, I used to see all their mercy and see them helping people and they were peaceful, unlike the rest of the people in this area that was they were in till they left the country. And since I was young, whenever I was upset, I used to go to the church but I didn’t enter, I just look from far away, I used to feel comfortable as if I was crying, but I did not know the reason.
When sectarianism started, thousands of people were killed and they were displaced, and we used to see how we lost the dearest people to us, relatives and neighbors. When I start searching, I found that this has ancient roots of one thousand four hundred years because of their war and their disagreement over the authority, so I said: “Is it reasonable that religion from God causes sectarianism and not from ordinary people, but from people who are supposed to be role models, such as the Camel War, twenty-three thousand were killed, the Battle of Siffin, seventy thousand. Does God bring down a religion that causes wars? “, God forbid. And captivity came to exist at the time of the first appearance of religion, and if he was a true prophet, why did he inherit the position of prophethood so that they would fight over it for the sake of the caliphate? So it turns out that it is an authority and not a religion, and what is the fault of the millions who were killed and displaced because of the caliphate? So, this is a state, authority, and caliphate, and not a religion from God, in addition to the differences in the beliefs between Islam and Christianity, such as O sister of Aaron and Maryam the daughter of Imran and many wrong things in the Quran (I just mentioned little things) until the Lord Jesus opened my eyes and like what Sister Maggie said: “pray with all your heart in your room, and say, O Lord, introduce me to you.” I was watching videos of Sister and Mother Maggie, who changed me a lot after I unexpectedly found her on social media, and the Lord opened my eyes. So, I get discipleship on her hand, I was baptized and I knew the truth and the truth set me free.

converts-Mohammed-iraq– Mohammed from Iraq
I am from a Sunni Wahabi Muslim background. In a period of my life, I raised my eyes to the sky for the false god (the idol) whom they told me about, and I told him that he is an unjust God and that I have more humanity than him. I couldn’t become an atheist and deny his existence. My mind did not comprehend that there is no God, but it understood that this god was unjust. This period continued with me in the journey of searching for the true God until I entered a ritual church for the first time in my life. I was inside the church and my goal was to train musicians within my music specialty. There I met the Lord, I met the father, I experienced him with a true love experience, I felt his tenderness, kindness, and love for me and how he brings back the prodigal son to his bosom. After cruel fatal loneliness, after all my family, people and friends abandoned me. A few days after I entered this church, I called the priest and asked him to tell me about this true God, whom I had been looking for a long time, but this priest was afraid and he refused to introduce me, and he told me to stay on my religion. But because of the intense test of love that I experienced, I could not hear his words. I went straight to my room, and I raised my eyes to the sky, and I told him, “Lord, you are the god that I’ve been looking at for a long time, so please let me know more about you”. Immediately after this prayer, my loving mother, Maggie Khozam appeared to me on YouTube. From the first video I watched for her, I prayed again, and I told him: “Lord, I want to get to know you through her and get discipleship with her”. And the Lord always hear me and in an instant, he would respond. This is me today, I get discipleship with our Mother Maggie Khozam, and today I earned my salvation by faith and baptism in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

converts-hasan-iraq– Hasan from Iraq
I was born in 1997, I live in Germany, I was born a Sunni Muslim, after a period of difficulties and fatigue in Germany, I cried to the Lord with all my sincere heart because I have no one else, except him.
The Lord put in my way, believers that introduced me to the bible, Christ, and the Church. I was attracted and I felt comfortable, and I touched the presence of the Lord in my life, I asked the Lord from my heart, and he revealed himself to me, I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior to my life. I tasted the deliciousness of believing in Christ Jesus and I got baptized, and my life had changed in Jesus’ name for the better.

converts-Hussein-iraq– Hussein from Iraq
Thanks, appreciation, and respect to our Mother Maggie. Mother, I’m writing about the reason for leaving Islam and converting to Christianity. I write and tears fill my eyes. Mother Maggie, The Islamic religion made me immigrate from my country four years ago, and it deprives me of the dearest person to me. four years and I was deprived of seeing my mother. That religion destroyed my house and stole my properties and deprived me of the most basic right. This is Islam, it is ISIS.
The most important thing that made me follow Christ is the difference between the Quran and the Holy Bible. Most of the Quran verses are about killing, enmity, captivity, wars, spoils, etc.…While the Holy Bible, is all about forgiveness, love, even loving your enemies. The message of our Lord Jesus the Savior is a message of love between peoples. I got discipleship with our Mother Maggie, and I was baptized yesterday, September 24, 2021, and I belong to Christ.

converts-zina-iraq– Zina from Iraq
I am an Iraqi, I am 36 years old, from a Shiite Muslim background, but I was far from Shiite rituals, and I was exposed to an indescribable number of problems, harassment, and physical attacks from my family to trivial matters. I tried to escape from my family and resort to my mother’s brother so that he would be my support. I was surprised by his sexual harassment. He made me hate myself and I tried to commit suicide because I couldn’t tell my family, since they will blame me for why I left them, and strangers will not believe me and if they believed me, they would look at me inferiorly. Then everyone around me told me that things got worse and worse because of my distance from the Shiite rituals of slapping, loving the imams, asking for intercession, and visiting shrines, and because I was a lost person, there was no power or strength. I entered this way and committed to Islam and changed the way I dress and became a complex person as they started calling me, then I got married apparently, my marriage was the best marriage of origin, separation, lineage, money, suitable age, and all the positive things, but the truth that it was the saddest marriage, and problems and marital infidelities began, insults and arrogance, and I did not know where to go. My family did not hear or believe any letter I said, they were all against me, and of course his family as well, and he took advantage of the issue and started trampling on me as if he was taking revenge on me even though I was above him on a cultural and social level. As for the financial level, it was close. I only had Muhammad’s Lord whom I knew, and I used to refuge to him, but there was no use. On the contrary, insults escalate. Suddenly I got a call from a close friend of mine whom I trust, and he told me I will send you a video and I hope you will watch it, and the video was for Mother Maggie, and the topic was about the Zoroastrian religion. I watched the video, and I was surprised because it was the first time that I knew and heard about the origin of Islam, I had many questions, and every time I tried to ask, they shut me up with the sentence, “Perform and do not discuss, it is forbidden, you doubt and ask”. Everything is forbidden, forbidden, forbidden. Then in the next day, when my husband left the house, I called my friend and we kept discussing the topic. At this moment, Christ began to enter my life in the fourth month of 2019, but of course, not the complete revolution, I remained scattered, I left Islam directly, but I was still not fully assimilated to Christ, heart, and soul, knowing that I began to feel many things changing in my life, and I did not expect them to happen. The important thing is in 8th month, my little girl reached death and I had to travel with her and put her in a hospital for 5 days, I saw the woe in her. I came to our Lord and told him to show me his presence… This moment was the revolution in my life. My daughter get healed, and after two months I became pregnant with the boy that they were waiting for because my husband’s family considers boys as support. Immediately after birth, he traveled me to a different country and we lived in a place away from his family, who he was refusing to leave them for a moment. The devil’s wars continued against me so he can steal me and take me back, but with the blessing of our Lord and the presence of our Mother Maggie in my life. I get discipleship and I succeeded; I was also able to get baptized on 8 /5/2021. I became a daughter of the living God who hears and responds and doesn’t allow his children to be humiliated and shamed. I pray that I may be established in Christ and be filled with the Holy Spirit, and my family will be saved, and the Lord will use me to serve Him and save souls.

converts-murtada-and-his-wife-iraq-العابرين-للمسيحية-مرتضى-وزوجته-العراق– Murtada and his wife Hawraa from Iraq
We had someone outside Iraq who believed in Christ, and my nephew had contact with him. He was sending him verses and stories from the Bible, then my nephew believed in the Lord Jesus.
I was sick at that time I had a problem with my eyes in the darkness I rested, but in the light, my eyes hurt me, I did not know Christ. My nephew used to tell me that he pray to me to his Lord, at that time he prayed to me in the name of Jesus.
My financial state was bad and my surgery cost a lot at this time.
In the month that my nephew prayed and asked the Lord for me, the money got collected surprisingly quickly and the surgery was done in the same month in which he prayed, and my eyes became good and I start seeing. After that, every time I pass in a difficult time, I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus, and he makes everything easy, so I believed in the Lord and I liked to go deeper and read the Bible and know who Jesus is, and I start watching Mother Maggie videos. At that time, I realized that Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God, and he gave himself so that everyone who believed in him would be saved, so I wanted to share with those who I love that the Lord is alive and that Jesus Christ gave himself for us. My family persecuted me and threatened me to stop talking about this thing. I met Mortada at this time and I told him about the Lord, he liked the subject and he start searching about it, and he started believing in the Lord. The Lord facilitated our marriage and I realized that the Lord used Mortada for my salvation, so we communicated with Mother Maggie so that we can get discipleship and get baptized. We thank the Lord because we succeeded in the discipleship, and then Mother Maggie sent us to a priest to baptize us. By his will, the Lord Jesus, and we became one of God’s children.

Converts of Morocco

– Aymani from Morocco
I was born in a somewhat open-minded Muslim family…my family was very distressed. We had many psychological and material problems, and we also had diseases and curses, these problems affected my psyche so that I was depressed and withdrawn into myself. The situation I was in made me pray a lot and ask the God of Islam to help me, but there was no response… So, I started looking for the mistakes in Islam and follow atheists.
With time and research, I became convinced of atheism and began to believe that the idea of the existence of God was a human invention… I tried to solve my material problems with studying and thought, but I couldn’t and I tried to solve my psychological problems by meditation, yoga, but this thing was giving me temporary peace, then I get depression again and I reached suicide…I started watching Mother Maggie’s videos with the aim of getting to know the Christian faith, but because I was convinced a million percent in atheism, till the day she said: “Try the Lord…Pray in the name of Jesus”. The self-confidence that she was talking with attracted me to try. I tried and God responded to me immediately. I said: “maybe by chance” and then I asked several times in the name of Jesus and he always answers me, I tried tithes and I get blessed, my problems were solved, I found inner peace, so I decided to follow Jesus and started reading the Bible…
There were many spiritual wars against me at the beginning of my faith, and this is normal because the devil doesn’t want us to be saved but with prayers, everything falls away. Yesterday, thanks to our Lord, was my baptism.

converts-ebtissam-morocco– Ebtissam from Morocco
I’m a convert to the light of Christ, two years ago an Egyptian friend of mine preached to me. Truthfully, I felt Christ in him, because he is a wonderful person, at first, I did not want to listen to his words, but he did not give up. He was showing me the explanations of Sheikhs about the Quranic verses and evidence that I heard for the first time. My heart start softens to accept Christ words because his words were all verses from the Bible, I loved Christ who he was talking about, so I downloaded the Bible and I start reading it, I felt indescribable comfort. I read the Bible every day and I start saying, Lord, I want to be baptized, and by chance on YouTube I became addicted to Mother Maggie videos because I understand any possible question that I cannot find an answer for, I kept searching for a way to communicate with Mother Maggie, I get discipleship with her, and I get water baptized on a pastor hand. Now, I’m waiting impatiently for next month to be baptized by Mother Maggie in the Holy Spirit.

converts-hanaa-morocco-العابرة-هناء-المغرب– Hanaa from Morocco
To Mother Maggie: My father was an Islamic preacher, and we were raised on that religion, but with some strictness. My parents are very good, but they consider the Islamic religion as a red line, they don’t even the discussion, even though my sisters are college students. One is a physics professor, and the other one is an engineer…etc., since I was a kid I hated injustice, I hated violence, my goal was that God is satisfied with me and that he smiles at me on the day I will see him (that’s what I was always thinking about).
For years I have been a follower to you, but only from time to time, your convincing answer to Muslim’s questions with your usual laugh. I always sighed and said to myself: “I wish I was also proud of my faith, and even with that I continued in Islam, I prayed, fasted, alms, performed Hajj, did the night prayers and thousand prayers for forgiveness, etc. with the hope that my life would change. Unfortunately, nothing. We didn’t find psychological comfort. I got nervous after the Hajj, and I said to my Lord (May God forgive me): “What do you want also???? If so, let me die for me to rest, because I couldn’t bear it any longer.
I was Muslim, but I didn’t know my religion as well as the majority of Muslims. When I searched, I was shocked, and I was sure that the Islamic religion is the biggest lie that history has known from my point of view, and I became more nervous because of Islam many people have schizophrenia in their personality and a difficult psychological contract to treat. And when the stage of my Islamic belief ended, I started listening to your videos. What you talk about matches my personality and I believed in the Lord Jesus my Savior, and I was baptized and remained a Christian. Now, in the name of Jesus, the Son of the living God, I ask the Heavenly Father, to deal with my children and bring them to him. And to strengthen me because my situation is not easy at all. Amen.

converts-nour-morocco-العابر-نور-المغرب– Nour from Morocco
I always had a leaning and love for Christ, for the day when I felt sick and I kept crying and praying without an answer, I saw a video for our Mother Maggie Khozam, I was following her because she was inspiring me and planting in me the love of knowing Christ. She said in the video: “Try the name of Jesus Christ, the name that won’t fail Infront of the Father”, and indeed I tried, and I saw the divine power, how I saw him in my dreams and the next morning I was healed, And everything that I asked for in his name, I received.
I contacted her, she discipled me and I got baptized, and today she added me to the Lord’s Church.

Converts of Saudi

converts--mojtaza-saudi-arabia– Mojtabi from Saudi Arabia
I was a former Muslim, but I wasn’t deep in the religion, and I was just doing rituals and living my life with my own law. One day I was listening to a hymn and it have the word “O Lord” in it. I used to recite the word, “O Lord” after it, and I loved it. A few days later a video for Mother Maggie Khozam appeared to me. She was declaring that Jesus is the Son of God. At that same moment, I believed that he was the Son. I get descipled on Maggie’s hands and she arranged a baptism for me.
I deepened in the Christian faith and realized true love and the Lord’s fair and right commandments.