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Behold, thus shall the man be blessed Who fears the Lord.Psalm 128:4


We present to our beloveds  (Guide) as a starting point for whom wants to study the Holy Bible in its Old and New Testaments, that we extracted for you the purpose, content and events of each Book in a few lines,
We pray that the LORD God opens the minds of all of you to understand and adore the Books of the Holy Bible.
Prepared and edited by: Journalist Maggie Khozam
Translation: Samar Abdich | Design: Nadine ShaboShyam Zayoud
Coordination and programming: Feras Khozam ( MSM ) company.

Do not let the service stop by you but rather publish it for everyone to benefit from it.

Old Testament

The Old Testament consists of 39 Books that were written by the holy people of LORD God, driven by the Holy Spirit.

New Testament

The New Testament consists of 27 Books, written by the apostles of the LORD Jesus Christ, driven by the Holy Spirit.