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Because there was no electricity or razors 2000 years ago, men and women used to grow their hair long or cut it with a sharp tool like scissors. The Holy Bible told us everything about this topic.
Women used to brag about letting their hair grow long
1 Corinthians 11:15 “But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her”

However, women should cover their hair during prayer
1 Corinthians 11:5 “But every woman that prayeth or prophesieth with her head uncovered dishonoureth her head”

Men, on the other hand, are not allowed to cover their heads during prayer
1 Corinthians 11:4 “Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonoureth his head.”

At the same time, it is forbidden for a man to let his hair loose, i.e., to let it hang over his shoulders
1 Corinthians 11:14 “Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?”
We can see here that current depictions of Christ are inaccurate because He did not wear His hair loose or cover His head. He was either cutting or tying it, and in faith this is the most correct for the man.

We are children of the LORD God, the Creator Heavenly Father because we believe in the Son, not because we are true children. We are adopted children, but He is the Father’s only begotten Son. We are not begotten; we are created.
Similarly, even if you obtained the nationality of a country because of your father, this means that you belonged to that country and became a citizen because of your father, but the fact that you and your father share the same nationality does not mean that you have become equal to your father as human nature and you do not have authority over him as he does over you. He is not obligated to submit to you or refrain from provoking your anger in the same way that you are.

You tell the teacher: “I can draw the flag of the country in which I live, and I can draw the sword, but the slogan is not for me to write or say because I am a Christian; otherwise, I would have become a Muslim, and you do not accept forcing someone to convert to Islam simply because he is studying the curriculum.”

The test from the LORD is a test of love that does not lead to our perdition and in which the LORD will enable us to remain steadfast in Him and bring us to a new depth of faith.
As for temptation, it comes from Satan who uses evil such as road accidents, calamities, and so on to make us question our faith and transgress the commandments, which can lead to destruction. But if we remain firm in the truth, do not sin, and do not allow the temptation to make us lose our faith, then we will triumph in the time of trials. The Holy Bible teaches us how to rebuke Satan in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ, as well as through prayer and fasting.

The act of giving to the poor and needy is called “a gift”. The tithes are for your church because the LORD asked us to pay tithes to His house so that there would be provisions there, thus, every poor person who seeks help from this church will have his needs met.
In some cases, when someone in need asks you to aid him in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ, he comes to seek your God via you, so you can help him. The important thing is that you do not tell anyone so the gift remains secret and that you do not take your reward from people’s admiration. Also, because the dustman is providing services to you, you cannot offer him your tithe in exchange for his services, as it is no longer considered a tithe.

Satan’s actions are always contrary to God’s commands, which means that when God commands us to refrain from theft, Satan allows theft. When God commands us to refrain from killing, Satan delights in killing, which is why one of Satan’s names is (Antichrist). Satan goes up to turning the cross upside down or making any symbol of faith the opposite of what it is, which is why we don’t do anything against Faith.

Because not everyone worships the LORD God. Many people worship Satan, idols, or their own interests, among other things. Our LORD allows the plagues to occur so that people repent of their worship, recognize that it is invalid, and return to Him, thus, He allowed the earthquake, which caused many people to be scared and realize that their religion was wrong since it could not save them, therefore they asked to become Christians. We must not forget that the LORD God permitted the earthquake but He protected His people; thus, no true Christian was harmed by it, just as He permitted the flood on earth, but saved Noah and his family.

The symbol of the cross is always drawn in our hearts because it represents our salvation. No matter whether you cross yourself or not, your faith is unaffected, and whether you use three or five fingers does not make a difference in faith.
Personally, I like to cross myself with 3 fingers, starting with the forehead (in the name of the Father) because He is above all things.
Then moving to the chest (and the Son) because Jesus the Son abided in us and became within us, i.e., living within us.
I move then to the right shoulder (and the Holy Spirit) because the right is a symbol of support, strength, and honor, and the Holy Spirit is our Helper and Guide.
Then I move my hands to my left shoulder (the one God) as a declaration from me that I believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as one God, not three gods, as some enemies of Christ believe.
Finally, I put my hands on my chest once again (Amen) because I kept the faith slogan, believed in it, and ratified it in my heart and my own bowels.

You can ask him: “Has anyone been buried for days and remained alive? Let me show you online some videos and testimonies of people who stayed under the rubble for days and came out alive, or cases where people were thought to be dead, but when their graves were opened, they were found alive.” Of course, these exceptional cases exist, and it is possible with a simple search to show him contemporary examples of people who have experienced that.
And when you finish proving to him with evidence that it is possible for a person to survive life-threatening conditions by a miracle from the LORD God, you say to him: “However, you must learn from today onwards to believe every word written in the Holy Bible and have faith that our God is alive and performs miracles. We believe in Him without questioning or doubting any letter of the Holy Bible.”

The myth is a non-realistic tale that cannot happen. For example, in Islam they say that Muhammad rode a flying winged donkey and ascended on it, and they say that he split the moon despite the fact that there is no scientific evidence, no one saw it, and there were no witnesses. The same myth exists among Hindus and Zoroastrians as well, their prophets claim fantasies that they rode on a winged creature and ascended to the sky.
As for healing and miracles, they cannot be called myths because they happened with witnesses and continue to occur to this day, with the presence of witnesses and medical reports proving that Christ still performs miracles, heals, and saves.