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How SupportMe Works

People use SupportMe to raise money for themselves or a friend in need.
This can include anything from medical expenses, education costs, trips & youth sports & memorials, or animals.

Once you’ve finished sign in to Our FMC world website you will be able to use SupportMe, you will be taken through all of the options to share. 
You will share your need with donors by telling your story with uploading the evidences & pictures which support your request.

Remember that your thanks for the donors and publishing the update on your share with all the photos make the others trust you and continuing donations for you until we post that your case closed.


With SupportMe, it’s easy to raise funds quickly for the causes you are most passionate about. 

Donors from all over the world can securely donate using any major credit or debit card, PayPal, through Wistern union or any other way works in your country, about Provided that the country in which the donor and the needy reside is one and covered by us, recently we coverd USA and most countries in Middle East. It Backed by the SupportMe trust.

SupportMe is one planet of FMC world which is the safest, most secure platform for giving.
SupportMe Guarantee protects donors’ generosity and ensures funds are sent to the right person.


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