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Get help with Wishes fundraising

Whatever wishes help you need, you can get on SupportMe

Whether your wish a complicated or simple.
Today you can easily start your SupportMe application simply and with steps that take minutes without having to To humiliate yourself in front of any door, we are there to support you and to simplify the difficulties of your way.

With a free SupportMe, you can get prompt help. 
Starting is easy with a 0% platform fee.

FMC world Wishes

The Advantages of SupportMe

  • Ensure that the privacy of the donor is protected
    SupportMe is the first and only one in all Middle East guarantees the protection of donor’s information.
  • Speed in service performance
    SupportMe is equipped with a large staff that speaks several languages and is available 24 hours a day to receive cases.
  • Mobile app availability 
    We will add the mobile app feature so you can keep up with everything new without having to sign in every time 
  • The possibility of participation via means of communication
    As the sharing on Facebook of the situation leads to greater interaction , so we provided a service to publish each case through the means of communication.
  • 0% platform fee
    While the associations compete for donations to keep them without delivering the full amount to the needy or taking a percentage of the amount of the needy, SupportMe hand over the full amount to the applicant for assistance.

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