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Astral Projection and the Isra and Mi’raj Incident


“Astral projection” is strictly forbidden in Judaism and Christianity. As for Muslims, just by searching in Arabic for “astral projection” in the search engines, you will find that all the teachers, practitioners and trainers of astral projection are Muslims, we won’t find any Christian among them.
The reason for this is due to an incident that Muslims claim to have occurred with the Messenger of Islam Muhammad, while Arab and Western thinkers affirm that the incident of the Isra and Mi’raj is a kind of astral projection, as it is said in the Isra that Muhammad rode a winged beast (it was not determined whether it was a horse or a donkey) and flew from Saudi Arabia to Israel to a mosque that did not exist at the time called Al-Aqsa Mosque, prayed there and then returned. Researchers say that the whole incident is nothing more than an astral projection for several reasons, including:

1- The absence of witnesses, as Muhammad was the one who narrated it without any evidence.
2- The transportation method is similar to today’s astral projection practitioners, as you can also find among them those who rode an eagle, a winged horse or a cloud, and Muhammad rode according to what he said Al-Buraq (a winged beast).
3- The destination mentioned by the Messenger of Islam Muhammad did not exist at the time, as it was not yet built, e.i., Al-Aqsa Mosque, and Muslims have not been able for over 1600 years to prove its existence historically. In addition, if it existed, why didn’t Muslims pray in it during the era of Muhammad?

The Muslim Sheikhs tried to respond to the thinkers with a verse from the Qur’an that says: “he who took his servant.” saying that the word “servant” means that Muhammad moved in body and soul, but the argument of the Sheikhs failed, as the phrase “took his servant by night“ may mean that it happened in the imagination or in a dream, nothing more, that’s why most of the followers of astral projection are Muslims from different denominations.

Jul / 24 / 2021

Astral Projection and the Isra and Mi’raj Incident with Maggie Khozam