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Lady of Fátima VS Virgin Mary


Is the “Lady of Fátima” the Virgin Mary? Was Her prophecy of the Apocalypse from God?
What is the story of Fátima, the apparitions, Medjugorje, and the Marian apparitions that have increased in the last hundred years?
Fátima (Fatima) is a region in Portugal that was named after a Moroccan girl, who was married to a prince hundreds of years ago. When she died, out of his love for her, he named the city after her (Fátima).
The first apparitions of the Lady of Fátima was in 1917, over a hundred years ago, back then she has introduced herself as “the Lady of the Rosary”.
In order to say that Lady of Fátima is the Virgin Mary herself, the mother of our LORD Jesus Christ, the aims and the ways of her apparitions must match the characteristics and the actions of the Virgin Mary in the Gospel, otherwise she would not be her.
This is where we will begin a quick study together of the personality of this woman who made these apparitions, by studying the secrets which Fátima gave to those to whom she appeared.

1- The First Secret:
Fátima showed three children ages 9,10 and11 a vision of Hell and the demons. Does it make any sense that the Virgin Mary has made three children of these ages see the demons and Hell?! Also what was the point of that?
Why would she say to them: “You must pray and endure the pain to save humanity?” How could three young children carry the sins of all mankind!!
If people are required to bear each other’s sins, then why did Christ come in the first place?
Not to mention, the content of the secret is quite similar to the “Revelation of John” in the Holy Bible. And here comes the most important question: “What is the purpose of Fátima’s apparition to these young children with a vision of Hell, which their minds won’t bear to see, whereas the same content of this vision is mentioned in the Holy Bible about the last days, the trumpets, the torment and the great tribulation?”

2- The Second Secret:
– In the second secret, Fátima asked the innocent children for something while she was threatening and blustering, though the LORD Jesus Christ did not threaten or stipulate, He healed and performed miracles without asking for any material, moral or verbal gain in return.
Stipulating and threatening are not the Christian way of thinking, nor are they the traits of the Virgin Mary, the pure and the Immaculate Saint who said to the angel of the LORD: “Behold the handmaid of the LORD”; that is, the one who did as her LORD asked of her, without any objection, so why would she come in the last days to set conditions such as (I want you to consecrate Russia to my heart)?
It should be noted that the Pope had secretly, not publicly, consecrated Russia to Mary’s heart, and then he was shot, so the Western Catholics considered what happened to be revenge from the “Lady of the Rosary” because he did not do exactly what she had requested. Is it logical or faith-related to believe that Mary, the humble servant of the LORD, came almost 2000 years later to be a harbinger of evil, threatening and killing those who do not offer their hearts to her?
It is stated in Galatians 1:9 “As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.”
In fact, we do not find in the Holy Bible anything related to the consecration to the “Heart of Mary”, nor to the “Heart of Jesus”, as the idea of the consecration to body organs along with keeping the relics of the saints are all pagan teachings and rituals.
– Fátima (the Lady of the Rosary) stipulates that for peace to be achieved, Russia should be consecrated to her and the whole world should be consecrated to her heart, as if achieving the peace is up to her.
Oddly, when the Catholic priests heard about these frightening secrets from the children, they did not fear for them due to these apparitions nor did they pray and exorcise the evil spirits from them. Rather, today, a hundred years after the apparitions of Fátima, they have begun to call for that peace which was brought by the Queen and the “Lady of the Rosary”; a peace which the Holy Bible calls “a false world peace”, as there has been no other peace on this earth since Cain killed his brother Abel, except for the peace granted by Jesus Christ
John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you”
– When the Lady of the Rosary appeared to these three children (a boy and two girls), she told them that they would suffer and die but Lucia will stay on earth a while longer because she still has pain to bear. Lucia died about 12 years ago, while the boy Francisco (François) and the second girl (Jacinta) suffered a lot and died, the Lady of the Rosary killed them, as they became ill with pneumonia and suffered a great deal of pain; they felt extreme pain in their heads and chests, until their death but they considered their suffering as a reconciliation for the sins of mankind, just as the Lady of the apparitions commanded them. The boy died, and the girl suffered, moving from one hospital to another while she was in pain, and, as they have claimed, the “Lady of the Rosary” was appearing to her to console her.
In fact, the apparition should be accompanied by healing, for the LORD Jesus did not enter a house in which there was a sick person, without healing him. Thus being said, one should ask: “Who is this who kills people?”
It is reported that the third child, Lucia, was hidden by the Pope of the Vatican, who prevented the press and everyone else from seeing her. He hid her in a monastery until her death in 2005. Why did he hide the child for nearly ninety years if she saw an apparition from God? If it was an apparition of truth and justice, why did they hide her from the people and the media?
She was isolated alone, only the Pope could go and see her. According to them, she told him: “The Lady of the Rosary is sad and upset with you, because you have not consecrated the world to her yet.” Of course, in the past years we have witnessed a strange world consecration to the Virgin.
– When the “Lady of the Rosary” appeared, she did not introduce herself as the “Virgin Mary”, as people say, she rather said: “I will not tell you who I am. The next time, come here on the thirteenth of each month for the next six months, and I will tell you who I am, but pray the Rosary.”
So she identified herself as the Lady of the Rosary who came from Heaven, and that she will tell them later who she is. She asked them to be prepared to endure all the sufferings that God will send them, but the torments that affect humans do not come from God, for God is not an executioner who tortures, hurts and gives humanity diseases because the source of good does not give evil, and the source of health and healing does not give diseases. It is the devil who gives the diseases, but, unfortunately, the world follows him thinking that he is God.
Today, as Christians, we all say that we worship the LORD God, but we can distinguish God from His Characteristics (attributes) and actions. If he kills, makes people sick and stipulates killing and torturing children, then he is definitely other than “God the Creator”, the Father of our LORD Jesus Christ.
– Fátima’s secret and the Coming Tribulation:
The children saw two angels standing at the feet of the cross, holding in their hands two chalices of crystal in which the blood of the saints and martyrs of Jesus Christ were, and they were giving people to drink from the chalices.
Simply, the interpretation of this vision is that the people who are on their way to this god, the one who sent the “Queen of the Rosary”, will drink from the blood of the saints, and thousands of the believers in the LORD Jesus Christ will be killed so that the heart of the “Lady of the Rosary” may triumph.

3- The Third Secret:
The vision says that the wrathful God, whose wrath can only be cooled off by the hand of the Lady of Fátima, has sent an angel to burn the earth, and this compassionate and merciful lady is the one who stands between us and the wrathful, arrogant and autocratic God, who is a murderer and a destroyer of humanity, in order to ward off the flames of the fire with the splendor of her hand, without much effort on her part; she can stop it with her own power, which the apparitions described as being greater than God’s.
– In this vision, she predicted that the Pope would die but this prophecy was not fulfilled, as he was shot, but he did not die. This is evidence that this woman in the apparition is unreliable and saying things which may or may not happen. This is the work of the devil, for he is the only one who does not know what will happen in the future because he has no authority over it. Therefore, he predicts things that will not necessarily happen. It is possible that some of his predictions would come true and others would not, which means that this apparition is not from our God.
– It was also mentioned in some sites that when she appeared in 1925 she was with her child in a luminous cloud, and the child said to Lucia: “Draw mercy from your holy mother’s heart, it is surrounded with thorns, which represent the ungrateful people who are still stabbing her heart and continue to do so, and no one is trying to remove the thorns by returning to God.”
In conclusion, a brief summary of Fátima’s secrets and apparitions provides us with the following:
A strange spirit has appeared to the children using the image of a woman, so the Catholics thought that she was the Virgin, while this woman is far from the immaculate, innocent and humble Mary of the Gospel, who would not demand anything for herself.
Fátima (the Lady of the Rosary) is a woman who interferes in politics and does not rest till all people kneel down and devote their hearts to her (i.e., to absolutely worship her) She threatens, blusters, kills and her apparitions are accompanied with pain and victims, so who is she?
From a Christian point of view, based on the teachings of the Holy Bible, the Holy Bible has already foretold that Satan can appear as an angel of light
2 Corinthians 11:14 “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”
Therefore, thus being said, this one who appeared in the form of a woman is none other than Satan, who took the circulating image of Mary, “to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.” (Mark 13:22) and to make all mankind consecrate their homelands and people to him, thinking that they are prostrating to a divine apparition
Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”

Oct / 9 / 2018