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they shall be my people, and I will be their God

We are the Bible’s family, and this family is part of the great family (FMC World)

Each of us has pledged to exert  every effort to spread the word of God, which was inspired by the Holy Spirit by the prophets and messengers of God, which was embodied in the New Testament in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ,

The Bible is currently available in English and Arabic and we seek to publish it in all international languages.

The English version is copied from the original James King.

You can also listen to the whole Bible in all its chapters by Maggie Khozam.

(Audio recording is currently only available in Arabic and we seek to provide audio recordings in international languages.

We also have a store it’s called ( Your Store ) you can find it at the top left of the page , this store contains handicrafts made by some faithful people , you can buy whatever you like and when you do that you contribute to support those people and their families.

by clicking on GIVE button ( at the  top  right of our page ) you will be one of our partner to spread the bible’s words to all the world.

† We are very careful that we use the original versions of the Bible to copy verses and explanations .

                       † We work with consultants, priests and experts in several fields to respond to your messages and inquiries .

                                              † Most of our services provided in Holy Bible planet are 100% free intended to spread the message of the Lord .