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Holy Family

The Miracles

Christ’s peace.
I want to bear witness to the work of our LORD.
I had migraines at least twice a week. The pain was unbearable, and I used to take a lot of medicines, even sometimes I used to vomit (sorry for this expression), and I was not able to open my eyes and I used sit in the darkness.
But from the time our Mother prayed with us, on the day when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples, I prayed and asked our LORD to be healed, and we thank our LORD that He is a living God and answers us, and He healed me.
I am late with my testimony because I remember that our Mother said that we should not talk about healing until after a while and we should be certain about it.
As much as I thank our LORD, I will remain remiss, and as much as I thank our Mother, I will remain remiss.
Indeed, we are a blessed Church and the Holy Spirit is leading us.