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Cast me not away from thy presence; and take not thy holy spirit from me. Psalm 51:11

Who we are

Our disciplines

We create powerful media and TV shows that go beyond its function. online shows and program | video and audio services | informative and educational broadcasting and everything between. 

At this time while the number of websites has increased, and the positive and negative openness has increased, humans have become victims of what their eyes see and what their ears hear of events and news. Most of them are fake and many of them are fabricated: dispersion and division have increased and the truth has been lost in the darkness of lies, the ideals have diminished, morals have diminished, and so the individuals became victims of the war between their situations and circumstances and wishes.

Here in this particular period, FMC World Organization was established in the last quarter of 2018 in order to realize our vision in the field of social development and participatory charitable work: to be at the forefront of confronting the hurricane of unawareness, poverty and underdevelopment, and carrying the weapon of certainty and faith in a better tomorrow by providing a package of services in various fields of humanitarian work by providing all kinds of support to bring our societies to a brighter and more distinguished horizon.​

Our Mission

By their fruit you will recognize them ☆ (Matthew 7:16)
Our project was founded on fundamental principles and values that lead us to do our part towards serving the community to the fullest. We are very confident that our efforts will help the owners of establishments, businesses, craftsmen, researchers, thinkers and aspirants to elevate our societies from the depths of darkness to achieve their goals and overcome the challenges they face. All members of FMC World are happy to see the visitors our website as they reach the ladder of success in their lives and projects and overcome the challenges they face.

Our main goal is to develop skills and to raise the level of individuals and their families, and to provide support and make every effort to achieve human justice, revealing facts through awareness and guiding programs and participatory campaigns that serve everyone.

The core principles of FMC World are based on the following:



Giving is the cornerstone of our values and principles: we are committed to providing all forms of support in order to build the healthy society that we yearn for, which is threatening to fall into the abyss of loss as a result of the factors of unawareness, disintegration, poverty and conflicts that are ruining it from every direction.


Transparency in our work is one of the most important qualities that brings together our team spread around the world, which has taken on the task of carrying out all kinds of humanitarian tasks assigned to its members in a neutral way of work away from personalization, sectarianism and partyism. Our rule in this area is: “Work for your brothers in humanity, as what you wish for yourself.”


Ambition is a key factor in achievement. aspires to provide the best community services to reach the ship of our humanitarian aspirations to the port of success. We believe in the Lord God and we strongly believe in our success and aspire to see good results in achieving our goals of raising the human level to its human place in its progressive and prosperous stage. Our dear visitors of we invite you to visit all our pages to know more about our work. You can also be one of our partners in success by registering to  benefit and receive updates.
The blessing of our Lord will always be with you.